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  1. problems associated with diving
    • pressure (exhale 90% of air to not get air bubbles, lose external air)
    • O2 storage (more RBC)
    • nitrogen narcosis
    • cold (a lot of blubber)
    • buoyancy (less air, sink better)
  2. kangaroo rat
    • eat seeds
    • produce water from food
    • efficient kidneys to reabsorb water
  3. mimicry (butterfly)
    • avoid predation
    • imitate poisonous animal (adaption of having strong coloration)
  4. camel humps
    • lipids in humps
    • lipid can beak down to water vapor sits in camel's nose (retake water through diffusion in capillaries or drips and camel drinks it)
  5. hibernation
    in winter, gather food or eat it, lower metabolic rate, lower body temp, to survive months with little food
  6. estivation
    • in summer (hot dry months)
    • lower metabolic state, but your awake to prevent decomposition
  7. crocodile tears
    get rid of excess salt (freshwater fish have bad kidneys that doesn't deal efficiently with salt)
  8. fish lure
    • angler fish
    • illicium (find fish and mate)
    • bacteria creates bioluminence
    • small male attaches to female
  9. archerfish
    spits to get insects on leaves
  10. Texas horned lizard
    shoots blood out of his eyes
  11. warm eyes
    calcium produced is used as heat instead of using it as muscle (warm eyes and warm brain from modified muscle tissue to create heat)
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