UE Arthrology

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  1. Shoulder Joints (4)
    • Glenohumeral (GH) -----\
    • Acromioclavicular (AC)--->Synovial jts.
    • Sternoclavicular (SC)----/
    • Scapulothoracic (ST) - myofascial jt.
  2. What type of joint is the SC joint?
    Saddle Joint... *only bony attachment of UE to trunk*
  3. Ligaments of SC joint? (4)
    • Anterior SC ligament
    • Posterior SC ligament
    • Interclavicular ligament (superior)
    • Costoclavicular ligament (inferior)
  4. What type of joint is the AC joint?
    Plane Type Joint
  5. Ligaments of AC joint? (3)
    • AC ligament (superior, capsular)
    • Coracoacromial ligament (inferior)
    • Coracoclavicular ligament
    •     -Conoid ligament (vertical)
    •     -Trapezoid ligament (horizontal)
  6. AC joint injury name?
    • Shoulder separation (3 grades)
    • Grade 1: stretched capsule
    • Grade 2: off-set
    • Grade 3: disrupted
  7. What type of joint is the GH joint?
    Ball & Socket Joint... *Stability sacrificed for mobility*
  8. GH Rhythm?
    • 2:1 ratio
    • 120° from GH joint
    • 60° from ST joint
  9. What type of injury occurs at the GH joint?
    Shoulder Dislocation
  10. What increases the depth of the GH joint by 50 percent?
    Glenoid Labrum
  11. Rotator Cuff Muscles?? (SITS)
    • Supraspinatus
    • Infraspinatus
    • Teres Minor
    • Subscapularis
  12. Major Ligaments of GH Joint? (3)
    • Coracohumeral ligament
    • Transverse Humeral ligament
    • Anterior GH ligament complex
  13. What 3 ligaments make up the Anterior GH ligament complex?
    • Superior GH ligament
    • Middle GH ligament
    • Inferior GH ligament complex
  14. What 3 parts make up the Inferior GH ligament complex?
    • Anterior Band
    • Pouch
    • Posterior Band
  15. What makes up the Coracoacromial Arch?
    • Coracoid process
    • Acromion process
    • Intervening coracoacromial ligament
  16. Which arteries supply the GH joint?
    • Anterior Humeral Circumflex A.
    • Posterior Humeral Circumflex A.
    • Suprascapular A.
  17. How many degrees does the scapulothoracic joint contribute to the Scapulohumeral Rhythm?
    60° (1/3 of the motion)
  18. What type of joint is the elbow?
    Hinge Joint
  19. Elbow Joints? (3)
    • Humeroulnar
    • Humeroradial
    • Proximal Radioulnar
  20. What does the trochlea articulate with?
    Trochlear notch of ulna
  21. What does the capitulum articulate with?
    Head of the radius
  22. Intrinsic ligaments of the elbow? (3)
    • Lateral (Radial) Collateral ligament
    • Annular ligament (holds head of radius in radial notch of ulna
    • Medial (Ulnar) Collateral ligament
    •     -Anterior band (strongest)
    •     -Posterior band (fanlike, weak)
    •     -Oblique band (deepens socket)
  23. What type of joint is the Proximal Radioulnar Joint?
    Pivot Type joint
  24. What ligament reinforces the capsule of the proximal radioulnar joint?
    Annular ligament
  25. What type of joint is the Distal Radioulnar Joint?
    Pivot Type joint
  26. What ligaments reinforce the capsule of the proximal radioulnar joint?
    Anterior & Posterior ligaments
  27. What type of joint is the wrist (radiocarpal) joint?
    Condyloid Type joint
  28. Intrinsic ligaments of the wrist? (4)
    • Palmar radiocarpal ligaments (keep hand in line with radius during supination)
    • Dorsal radiocarpal ligaments (keep hand with radius during pronation)
    • Ulnar collateral ligament of wrist (ulnar styloid process --> triquetrum)
    • Radial collateral ligament of the wrist (radial styloid process --> scaphoid)
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