CIS111E Chapter 10-Imports, Web Queries

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  1. Importing (p. 554)
    The process of inserting data from one application or file into another.
  2. Text File (p. 554)
    A file that contains letters, numbers, and symbols only; it does not contain formatting, sound, or video
  3. Delimiters (p. 554)
    A character used to separate data in a text file.
  4. Tab-delimited file (p. 554)
    A file that uses tabs to separate text into columns
  5. Newline character (p. 554)
    A special character that designates the end of a line and separates data for the next line or row.
  6. Comma Separates Values (p. 555)
    A file that uses commas to separate text into columns.
  7. Fixed-width text file (p. 555)
    A file that stores data in columns that have a specific number of characters designated for each column.
  8. Web Query (p. 558)
    A data connection that links an Excel worksheet to a particular data table on a Web page.
  9. Refresh (p. 560)
    The process of updating data in Excel to match current data in the external data source.
  10. Data range properties (p. 561)
    Are settings that control how imported data in cells connect to their source data.
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