Repro3- Canine Repro Phys and AI

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  1. Can you palpate the bitch's cervix?
    no; her vagina is too long
  2. Describe the vagina and cervix of the bitch.
    vagina is blind-ended; cervical opening is dorsal
  3. With natural breeding, where is the semen deposited?
    in the vagina, but he ejaculates with such force, prostatic fluid is pushed into the uterus
  4. What can you use to help you locate the external cervical os?
    dorsal vaginal fold leads to it
  5. Characterize the estrus cycle of domestic dogs.
    non-seasonal monoestrus
  6. Time b/w one proestrus and the next.
    interestrous interval
  7. What is the significance of the interestrous interval?
    4-12 months when the uterus heals b/w cycles
  8. When do dogs reach puberty?
    2-3 months after reaching adult body size (small dogs reach puberty earlier than large breed dogs); sooner is housed with other cycling bitches
  9. What are common abnormalities present with the first cycle (why it is not recommended to breed in the first cycle)? (2)
    split heat- estrous without ovulation; silent heat- ovulation with estrus
  10. How long is anestrus in dogs?
    ~5 months
  11. How long is proestrus in dogs?
    9 days
  12. How long is estrus in dogs?
    9 days
  13. How long is diestrus in dogs?
    2 months whether they are pregnant or not
  14. How long is the follicular phase in dogs?
    18 days (proestrus + estrus)
  15. Predominant hormone during proestrus.
  16. What is day 0 of the cycle in dogs?
    LH surge
  17. In standing heat, __________ is elevated because of a ____________.
    progesterone; pre-ovulatory rise in P4
  18. How do we define estrus in the dog? (4)
    behavior, vaginal cytology, endocrinology, anatomy
  19. How do you diagnose estrus by vaginal cytology?
    estrus is the only time you see cornified cells- superficial and anucleate cells- on cytology
  20. What cells will you see on vaginal cytology during anestrus?
    parabasal and basal cells
  21. Vaginoscopy is NOT used for ___________.
    ovulation timing
  22. Changes seen during proestrus. (4)
    swollen vulva, bloody vulvar d/c, males attracted, mating not permitted
  23. Does the bitch allow mounting during proestrus?
  24. Changes seen during estrus. (5)
    flaccid vulva, blood-straw colored vulvar d/c, flagging, female allows mating, crenulated vaginoscopy
  25. What is the dominant hormone during estrus?
  26. LH surge occurs within ________ of __________.
    1-2days; fuller cornification
  27. Ovulation is ________ after the LH surge.
  28. Bitches ovulate _________; therefore, you should breed her ____________.
    primary oocytes; 2 days after ovulation
  29. How long does dog semen live in the bitch?
    11 days
  30. How long do oocytes live?
    4-5 days
  31. What hormone is dominant during diestrus?
  32. During diestrus, you will see a(n) ___________ on vaginal cytology.
    influx of PMNs
  33. When during the cycle does pseudopregnancy occur?
  34. When should you NOT see neutrophils on vaginal cytology, indicating an inflammatory or infectious process?
  35. Signs of pseudocyesis. (3)
    mothering inanimate objects, lactation, not actually pregnant
  36. How long is pregnancy?
    57-72 days
  37. Canine pregnancy is _______- dependent.
  38. How can you estimate due date by LH surge?
    65 days +/- 1 day
  39. How can you estimate due date based on ovulation?
    63 days +/- 1 day
  40. How can you estimate due date by cytologic diestrus?
    57 days +/- 1 day
  41. Uterine involution lasts at least ________.
    120 days
  42. What stage of the cycle?
    Image Upload
  43. What stage of the cycle?
    Image Upload
  44. What stage of the cycle?
    Image Upload
  45. What are the AKC rules for age at breeding?
    • dam: 8 months- 12 yr
    • sire: 7 months- 12 yr
  46. What should you check one month before breeding? (5)
    complete PE, repro exam (repro conformation, culture), current on vaccines, parasite free, brucellosis screening
  47. Ovulation can occur _________ from the onset of proestrus.
    7-26 days
  48. Canine sperm cells are viable for up to ________.
    7 days
  49. How do you minimize the number of breedings during estrus?
    ovulation timing with vaginal smears
  50. Why do you breed twice during fertile period?
    increases the size of the litter
  51. ________ rises prior to ovulation.
  52. How do we very predictably determine when the bitch will ovulate?
    measure progesterone, which rises right before ovulation
  53. If using progesterone profile to predict ovulation, ovulation is not confirmed until...
    rise of 3-4ng/mL of progesterone is documented.
  54. How long is the LH surge? Why is this clinically significant?
    12-24hrs; LH is an expensive test... it needs to be done once or twice a day to catch the surge (not routinely done....only if using surgical AI or other complicated procedure to breed the bitch)
  55. When is the fertile period?
    day 4-7 of the cycle
  56. What is the "rule of 2"?
    when progesterone is 2, LH peak happens; we assume she ovulates 2 days later (after oocyte has matured); breed again 2 days after that to increase litter size
  57. Methods of artificial insemination? (3)
    intravaginal AI with fresh or cooled semen; transcervical AI with fresh, cooled, or frozen semen; surgical AI with fresh, cooled, or frozen semen
  58. How does freezing semen affect its viability? Why is this clinically significant?
    decreased lifespan to ~12hrs; must be placed directly into the uterus (transcervical AI or surgical AI)
  59. When do you breed with fresh or cooled semen if doing a double breeding?
    day 4 and day 6 OR day 3 and day 5 (in special cases- should be OK because semen lives a long time)
  60. When do you breed with fresh or cooled semen if doing a single breeding?
    day 4 OR day 5 (most fertile)
  61. What is minitube?
    catheter with inflation cuff on the end... inflate balloon to prevent back-flow of semen and mimics the lock of the bulbus glandis (copulatory tie-up) [leave catheter in place for ~5 min.... more expensive than pipet method]
  62. How do you handle using frozen semen for AI (especially if the sire is dead...valuable semen!!!)?
    transcervical or surgical AI; pinpoint ovulation with progesterone and LH panels; breed on day 5 or 6 (or both if you have 2 doses)
  63. What should progesterone value be on day of ovulation?
    ≥10 ng/mL
  64. Describe the microbiological characteristics of Brucella canis.
    gram (-) aerobic coccobacillus
  65. How is Brucella canis contracted?
    through mucous membranes- oronasal contact w/ vaginal d/c or aborted materials, seminal fluid, urine, fomites
  66. Clinical signs of Brucella canis. (5)
    abortion, conception failure, enlarged epididymis, scrotal edema, semen morphology abnormalities
  67. How do you diagnose Brucella canis?
    serology screening test (high # of false positive), positives should be re-checked/confirmed with blood culture, Ag testing
  68. What should you do with a positive Brucellosis animal? (3)
    isolation, sterilization (remove reproductive organisms), cull if purely breeding animal
  69. Is Brucellosis dangerous to people?
    YES- immunocompromised, elderly, children, pregnant
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