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  1. Alternative Security Programs (ASP) are approved by whom?
    Commandant (33CFR101.120(b))
  2. Alternative Security Programs are valid for how long?
    5 years (33CFR101.120(e))
  3. A facility security plan has to be audited every ______ months.
    12     (33CFR105.415(b))
  4. A Breach of Security on a facility/vessel must be reported to whom without delay?
    NRC (33CFR101.305(b))
  5. A Transportation Security Incident (TSI) on a facility/vessel must be reported to whom?
    Local COTP (33CFR101.305(c))
  6. A facility serving ferries or passenger vessels certificated to carry more than150 passengers, other than a cruise ships may designate an area within the facility as a what?
    Public Access Area (33CFR105.106(a))
  7. Facilities may use an increase in the MARSEC level as a drill or exercise provided they do what?
    Report attainment to the COTP (33CFR105.220(a)(2))
  8. How often must a facility security drill be conducted?
    One every 3 months 33CFR105.220(b)
  9. Facility Security Drills are designed to practice what portions of the security plan?
    Individual 33CFR 105.220(b)(2)
  10. If a vessel is moored at the facility during a drill, the facility ________ require the vessel to participate in the drill.
    CAN NOT  33CFR 105.220(b)(3)
  11. How often must a facility security exercise be conducted?
    Once each calender year not to exceed 18 months  33CFR 105.220(c)
  12. Facility Security Exercise are designated to practice what portions of the security plan?
    Full/Entire/All  33CFR105.220(c)(5)
  13. How long must the FSO keep records for?
    2 years 33CFR105.225(a)
  14. What security records must be kept for 2 years?
    • Security Training; Security Drills and exercises;
    • Incidents or Breaches of Security;
    • Changes in MARSEC Levels;
    • Maintenance, Calibration and Testing of Security Equipment;
    • Security Threats;
    • Annual Audit  
    • (33CFR101.225(b))
  15. A Declaration of Security should be kept for?
    90 days after the end of its effective period  33CFR105.225(b)(7)
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