109 Controllable Reversible Pitch Propeller (CRP) Fundamentals

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  1. CRP
    Controllable reversible pitch
  2. State the purpose of the CRP system
    provides efficient power plant operation over the entire range or the vessel's ahead and astern operating parameters.

    • HOPM
    • Hydraulic oil power module
    • establish and regulate the hydraulic system.
  3. Gear/attached pump
    • A high capacity, high-pressure positive displacement hydraulic screw pump.
    • It is mounted on the reduction gear
  4. Electric/standby pump
    • 2 horizontal screw type standby pumps
    • located near the reduction gear
  5. OD box
    • Oil distribution box
    • mounted on the reduction gear casing.
    • It is the interface between the remote control system and the hydraulic/mechanical system.
  6. CRP head tank
    the hydraulic oil head tank is higher than the OD box, to provide a static head to the hydraulic system when the hydraulic pumps are down.
  7. Emergency hydraulic hand pump
    • part of the emergency pitch positioner assembly.
    • The hand pump and the 4-way valve, apply enough oil pressure to the OD box to hold the full emergency ahead position
  8. Hub/blade assembly
    • the regulating valve pin, and liner assembly, inside the piston rod directs the flow of hydraulic oil to the piston.
    • The blade pitch is set at any desired position by controlling this oil flow

    • CRP
    • controllable reversible pitch propeller
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