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  1. What is the Big Bang Theory?
    The Big Bang is a theory which explains how the planets started. Matter started to form which then let it to explode, causing energy to burst which created the planets, moons, and stars. The sun was made from explosions of hydrogen.
  2. What are two pieces of evindence to support the Big Bang theory?§
    • 1. Echoes can be heard
    • 2. Universe is expanding
  3. What are the 7 days of creation?
    1. Let there be light

    2. Let the be a dome in the heavens

    3. Let the waters be gathered together and let dry land appear.

    4. Let there be lights in the sky to shine day and night

    5. Let the water be filled with every kind of living thing, and air filled with birds

    6. Let there be men, women and children in my own image and likeness

    7. On the 7th day God look at everything. He made it a holy day.
  4. How can Religion and Science work together to explain the creation of work?
    God decided to cause the matter to explode.
  5. What is a 'steward' ?
    A steward is someone the owner has put in charge of something or somewhere (for example) a farm. He is to make sure it is safe and running well. We are stewards of Creation because we didn't create the world, but we have all the responsibility to keep it healthy, peaceful and saferunning.
  6. How can you be a Steward in school/home or out in the wider community?
    • Home-
    • You could help keep your house tidy, help with the cooking or cleaning.

    • School-
    • Do favours for your teacher to make their day a little bit easier.

    • Wider community-
    • Try to persuade people not to litter.
  7. What are 3 enviromental problems?
    • 1. Global warming
    • Pollution by people working in factories, having cars etc has caused the O-Zone layer to form a hole. Also the North pole is melting.

    • 2. Acid rain
    • Acid rain is a result of air pollution. It can dissolve all nutrients in the ground for grass and trees to grow.

    • 3. E-waste
    • Electronic waste is extremley hazardous. They contain all sorts of toxic substances.
  8. What are the 5 R's?




  9. Who was St Francis of Assisi?
    Francis started out to be a bad boy, in jail. Once he got out he changed his lifestyle. He went to work with lepors, everyone got to hear about him and many joined him. Franciscans are his religious order. He also had a great respect for nature. In a famous prayer he called the sun his brother and the moon his sister. He has even preached to animals. He was named St Francis the Patron Saint of Ecology.
  10. What are the 3 main branches of Christianity?
    • Catholic
    • Reformed Tradition
    • Orthodox
  11. 3 common beliefs or Catholics and Protestants?
    Baptism, The Trinity and the divinity of Jesus
  12. What is the levels of ministry in the Catholic Church?
    • Pope
    • Cardinal
    • Archbishop
    • Bishop
    • Priest
    • Deacons
    • Curate
  13. 3 orders of ordaired ministry in Catholic church?
    • Deacon
    • Priest
    • Bishop
  14. What are the 7 sacraments?
    • Baptism
    • Reconciliation
    • Holy Communion
    • Confirmation
    • Marriage
    • Holy Orders
    • Annointing of the sick
  15. What is another title of the Archbishop of Armagh?
    Primate of all Ireland
  16. The current Archbishop of Armagh is...?
    Sean Brady (accent on 'a' in sean)
  17. Write different ways in which you or other members of the laity can be involved in the life of the church?
    Reader, Eucharist minister, parish communities, chieanuis, liturgy, looking after the church and it's grounds.
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