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  1. ODD Onset
    Child, preschool or adolescent
  2. Conduct Disorder Onset
    <18, can be preschool, usually mid child to adolescent
  3. Intermittent Explosive Onset
    6 yr or older
  4. ODD Duration
    6 m +
  5. ODD Incident Frequency
    • <5y old, most days 6+ mos
    • >5 y, weekly incidents for 6 mos
  6. Conduct Disorder Frequency
    @ least 3 criteria in past 1 mos, @ least 1 in past 6
  7. Intermittent Explosive Disorder Frequency
    Verbal or physical w/o damage 2x/wk 3+ mo, OR 3 property damage or assaults in 12 mos
  8. ODD Symptoms
    Angry mood, Argumentative/defiant, provokes or blames others, Vindictive or spiteful 2x in 12 mo, Problems with at least one non-sibling
  9. Conduct disorder Symptoms
    Aggression towards people or animals, bullying, destroying property, theft, lying, rule violation
  10. Intermittent/Explosive Disorder Symptoms
    • Impulsive, not premeditated oubursts
    • Disproportionate aggression without intent to achieve anything
  11. Somatic Symptom Criteria
    Somatic symptom with disproportionate, persistent thoughts about seriousness, anxiety about health, time and energy devoted to concerns. 6+ mos (may not be continually present) . Cn be children, usually adults
  12. Conversion Disorder Criteria
    One or more symptoms of altered voluntary motor or sensory function, clinically proven incompatibility between neurology/medical condition and symptom
  13. Disruptive mood dysregulation Criteria
    Severe temper outbursts disproportionate to situation, can be aggressive to property, irritable most of the day most days, never any mania
  14. DMDD frequency & duration
    Outbursts 3+ times/wk, irritable most of the day most days, 12+ mos
  15. DMDD Onset
    After age 6, before age 18
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