Spine Arthrology

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  1. External component of the fibrocartilage?
    Anulus Fibrosus
  2. Most common site of nuclear herniation?
  3. Internal component of the fibrocartilage & function?
    • Nucleus Polposus (Type II Collagen)
    • Shock absorption
  4. 2 Ligaments of Spine?
    • Anterior Longitudinal Ligament
    • Posterior Longitudinal Ligament
  5. What is the only ligament to limit trunk extension?
    Anterior Longitudinal Ligament - ALL others limit trunk flexion
  6. What does the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament prevent?
    • Herniations
    • Hyperflexion
    • Posterior protrusion of nuclear material
  7. Primary curves of spine?
    • Thoracic
    • Sacral
  8. Secondary curves of spine?
    • Cervical
    • Lumbar
  9. Accessory Ligaments of the Spine? (4)
    • Ligamentum Flavum
    • Supraspinous Ligaments
    • Intraspinal Ligament
    • Intertransverse Ligament
    • (Lumbosacral Ligaments - iliolumbar, posterior sacroiliac, sacrospinous, & sacrotuberous)
  10. Which ligaments are located between adjacent lamina?
    Ligamentum Flava
  11. Which ligaments join the tips of adjacent spinous processes? Range?
    • Supraspinous Ligaments
    • Sacrum - C7 (continues as ligamentum nuchae)
  12. Which ligaments connect adjacent spinous processes?
    Intraspinous Ligaments
  13. Which ligaments are located between adjacent transverse processes?
    • Intertransverse Ligaments
    • (absent in cervical region)
  14. What types of joints are Facet Joints?
    Synovial Joints
  15. Which 3 movements do the facet joints control?
    • Flexion/extension
    • Rotation
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