Theories of Personality

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  1. Moral Theological = Pastoral Counseling, also known as:
    Neothetic & Biblical Counseling
  2. Medical/ Biological = Biological Psychiatry was who?
  3. Characteristics of Greek/ Stoic Philosophy aka Rational Emotive Therapy:
    • - Take pain without complaint
    • - Highest goal is knowledge
    • - In your face
  4. Characteristics of American Pragmatism also known as Behaviorism:
    • - Classical Empiricism
    • - Pragmatism
  5. What is Classical Empiricism?
    Theory of knowledge that comes from sensory experience.
  6. What is Pragmatism?
    Assessment of truth and beliefs and what they mean - A practical application
  7. What was Freud known for?
    Classic Psychoanalysis
  8. What was Adler known for?
    Individual Psychology
  9. What was Jung known for?
    Analytic Psychology
  10. What was Klein/ Fairburn known for?
    Ego Analytic Psychology & Object Relations
  11. What was Akerman known for?
    Family Systems Theory
  12. What was Perls known for?
    Gestalt Theory
  13. What was Berne known for?
    Transactional Analysis
  14. What was May known for?
    Existentialism Analysis
  15. Explain the Gestalt Theory
    About the here and now
  16. Explain Transactional Analysis
    Constant back and forth between people
  17. Explain the Existential Analysis
    Emphasis on the individual person. People determine their own development through acts of free will.
  18. What was Frankl known for?
    Logo Therapy
  19. What was Rogers known for?
    Person-centered Therapy
  20. What was Maslow known for?
    Self-actualization, Needs/ Hierarchy Theory
  21. Explain Logo Theory
    Mans search for meaning, Nazi prisoner of war, suffering and finding meaning in life, and how you approach will determine if you live or die. (Logos means word in Greek)
  22. Person-centered Therapy is
  23. Hierarchy of needs is
  24. Define personality
    The unique, relatively enduring internal and external aspects of a person's character that influences behavior.
  25. How does internet and social networking shape personality?
    • - Reduces psychological well-being.
    • - Decreases quality of relationships.
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