ESL Podcast 1136 – Missing a Deadline

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  1. to be behind schedule; to be late; to have something take longer
    than planned, so that one will probably not finish it on time
    * It took me a few minutes to find my car keys this morning. Could you please call
    the office and let them know that I’m running behind?
    to run behind
  2. to meet the deadline; to complete and submit or deliver
    something on time
    * Did you make the deadline for filing your taxes this year?
    to make the deadline
  3. to accept something, usually information or news; to react to
    something in a particular way, especially with strong emotions
    * When Jake crashed his parents’ car, they took it surprisingly well and said they
    were just relieved that he was okay.
    to take it
  4. a situation where one does not know what to do; a difficult or
    confusing situation in which it is difficult to make a decision
    * Not knowing which job offer to accept is a dilemma, but it’s a good situation to
    be in!
  5. to not meet the deadline; to not complete, submit, or
    deliver something on time, instead requiring additional time
    * If students miss the deadline for turning in the essay, will you let them turn it in
    to miss the deadline
  6. a phrase used when presenting information that one hopes
    will be helpful, but probably isn’t, or that does not truly solve another person’s
    * I’m sorry your boss didn’t accept your proposal, but for what it’s worth, I think
    you have a great idea.
    for what it’s worth
  7. notification about something ahead of time, not at the last
    minute; information about an event before it occurs
    * If you need to change your appointment, please call the doctor’s office with at
    least 24 hours of advance notice.
    advance notice
  8. to do something that corrects or apologizes for
    something that one has done wrong
    * We’re so sorry we forgot to thank you as one of the volunteers. What can we do
    to make up for our mistake?
    to make up for (something)
  9. when something happens later than scheduled
    * This flight delay is going to make it difficult to catch our next flight.
  10. to accept another person’s offer to have or
    do something
    * Heather is studying at beauty school and has offered to cut her friends’ hair for
    free, but so far nobody has taken her up on it.
    to take (one) up on (something)
  11. additional time or space; more time given to complete a task
    * The bank agreed to give us a 30-day extension for paying our mortgage.
  12. to put someone behind schedule; to create a delay
    and a problem for another person
    * The electrician completed the work really slowly, which set us back for the
    larger remodeling project.
    to set (someone) back
  13. to last for a very long time, especially at a slow pace, seeming to be
    * If this ballet drags on much longer, everyone in the audience will be asleep!
    to drag on
  14. a difficult, challenging, and uncomfortable situation
    * If the reporters find out that the Senator was lying, she’ll be in an awkward spot.
    awkward spot
  15. to reach an agreement; to agree on something
    * The siblings finally came to an understanding about how to handle their
    parents’ estate.
    to come to an understanding
  16. to not have or do something, especially something that is
    normally considered a necessity
    * Humans can do without water for only a few days.
    to do without
  17. committed; devoted; wanting and intending to do a particular thing
    * Justin is a dedicated student who always turns in his homework on time.
  18. unorganized, disordered, and dirty; not clean or tidy
    * The girls’ room is so messy that she have a hard time finding clothes to wear in
    the morning.
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