Latin Vocabulary Chapter 14

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  1. animal, animālis (Gender?)
    a living creature, animal (Neuter)
  2. ars, artis (Gender?)
    art, skill (Female)
  3. cīvis, cīvis (Gender?)
    citizen (M or F)
  4. mare, maris (Gender?)
    sea (Neuter)
  5. nūbēs, nūbis (Gender?)
    cloud (Female)
  6. pars, partis (Gender?)
    part, share; direction (Female)
  7. turba, turbae (Gender?)
    uproar, disturbance, mob, crowd, multitude (Female)
  8. vīs, vīs (Gender?)
    force, power, violence (Female)
  9. ab, ā (+abl.)
    away from, from; by
  10. appellō, appellāre, appellāvī, appellātum
    to speak to, address (as), call, name
  11. mūtō, mūtāre, mūtāvī, mūtātum
    to change, alter; exchange
  12. vītō, vītāre, vītāvī, vītātum
    to avoid, shun
  13. aqua, aquae (Gender?)
    Water (Female)
  14. auris, auris (Gender?)
    ear (Female)
  15. iūs, iūris (Gender?)
    right, justice, law (Neuter)
  16. mors, mortis (gender?)
    death (female)
  17. ōs, ōris (gender?)
    mouth, face (neuter)
  18. Rōma, Rōmae (gender?)
    Rome (Female)
  19. urbs, urbis (Gender?)
    city (Female)
  20. vīrēs, vīrium (Gender?)
    Strength (F.Pl.)
  21. trāns (+acc.)
  22. currō, currere, cucurrī, cursum
    to run, rush, move quickly
  23. teneō, tenēre, tenuī, tentum
    to hold, keep, possess; restrain

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Latin Chapter 14 vocabulary

Latin Chapter 14 Vocab
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