that's english modulo5 unit 4-3

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  1. tirar a puerta
    take a short
  2. comenzar a practicar un deporte
    take up a new sport

    i took up tennis when i was 6

    • Philip was 7 years old when he took up the
    • sporting event he is now famous for
  3. marcar un gol
    score a goal
  4. batir un record
    break a record
  5. empatar el partido
    draw the match
  6. ganar al contrario
    beat an opponent
  7. ganar

    defeat  dɪˈfiːt/

    they defeated the opponent 3-2
  8. I (5) played a shot towards the goal but the goalkeeper
    take a shot
  9. I(6) got the goal! It was  1-0
    score a goal
  10. participar
    • the next important competition that Philip will
    • take part in is the world Championships
  11. que deporte te gustaría comenzar  a practicar?
    Which sport would you like to take up?
  12. bastante bien
    quite well

    I can play tennis quite well.
  13. la mayor goleada de la historia
    It’s the highest score in history
  14. deber ser una broma
    it must be a joke!  /dʒəʊk/
  15. correra una carrera
    • a woman will run the race in under
    • ten seconds
  16. puede que suceda
    it might/may/ could/ happen

    may/ might/ could (probabilidad)
  17. el mas duro y violento
    the hardest and most violent
  18. herir gravemente
    hacer mucho daño
    it may be badly hurt in a fight.

    puede hacer mucho daño en una pelea
  19. al mediodia
    at noon.
  20. apostar
    gamble /ˈgæmbl/

    bet-bet-bet  /bet/

    It's a waste of money to bet.
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