Spanish Verbs 1

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  1. acordarse de
    to remember
  2. acostumbrarse a
    to be/get accustomed to
  3. adaptarse a
    to adapt to
  4. aficionarse a
    to become fond of
  5. animar a
    to encourage to
  6. aspirar a
    to aspire to
  7. ayudar a
    to help
  8. cansarse de
    to get tired of
  9. concentrarse en
    to concentrate on
  10. condenar a
    to sentence somebody to
  11. conformarse con
    to be satisfied with
  12. dedicarse a
    to devote oneself to
  13. encargarse de
    to be in charge of
  14. enseñar a
    to teach somebody how to do something
  15. hartarse de
    to be fed up with
  16. ir a
    to be going (to do something)
  17. morisrse por
    to be crazy about something/someone
  18. ocuparse de
    to take care of
  19. olvidarse de
    to forget
  20. oponerse a
    to oppose something
  21. pensar en
    to think about
  22. preocuparse por
    to worry about
  23. renunciar a
    to give up
  24. resistirse a
    to resist
  25. acabar de
    to have just finished doing something
  26. alegrarse de
    to be glad
  27. arrepentirse de
    to regret
  28. arriesgarse a
    to risk doing something
  29. atreverse a
    to dare to do something
  30. cesar de
    to cease to
  31. comenzar a
    to begin (to do something)
  32. comprometerse a
    to commit (to do something)
  33. convenir en
    to agree on
  34. dedicarse a
    to devote oneself to
  35. dejar de
    to stop doing something
  36. disponerse a
    to get ready to
  37. empezar a
    to start
  38. insistir en
    to insist on doing something
  39. llegar a
    to succeed in doing something
  40. negarse a
    to refuse to
  41. ponerse a
    to begin doing something
  42. prestarse a
    to offer oneself to do something
  43. probar a
    to try to do something
  44. quedar en
    to agree to do something
  45. tardar en
    to take time to do something
  46. tener ganas de
    to feel like doing something
  47. tratar de
    to try to
  48. volver a
    to (verb) again
  49. acompañar a
    to keep somebody company
  50. agarrarse de
    to clutch
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