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  1. The lymphatic system functions to:
    • 1.Drain interstitial fluid
    • 2.Transport dietary fats
    • 3.Carry out immune responses
  2. Name the secondary lymphatic organs and tissues
    • lymph nodes
    • spleen
    • lymphatic nodules
  3. lymphatic tissue that is not surrounded by a capsule?
    lymphatic nodule - also referred to as mucosa-associated lymphatic tissue (MALT)
  4. Peptides and proteins function in innate defense by
    attacking pathogens or impeding their reproduction
  5. What do interferon proteins do?
    provide innate defense, interfering with viruses and helping activate macrophages
  6. About 30 proteins make up the ???, which causes lysis of invading cells and helps trigger inflammation
    complement system
  7. Activated macrophages and neutrophils release cytokines, signaling molecules that do what?
    enhance the immune respones
  8. Mast cells release histamine which does what?
    triggers blood vessels to dilate and become more permeable
  9. Adaptive immunity has both specificity and memory and is divided into 2 types
    • 1.Cell-mediated
    • 2.Antibody-mediated
  10. The small accessible part of an antigen that binds to an antigen receptor is called an
  11. molecules that are host proteins that display the antigen fragments on the cell surface
    MHC (major histocompatibility complex)
  12. amplifies a stimulus and does not usually contribute to homeostasis in animals
    positive feedback
  13. The dynamic equilibrium of homeostasis is maintained by ????, which helps to return a variable to a normal range
    negative feedback
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