Phylum Arthropoda

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  1. What species makes up 3/4 of known animals?
    Phylum Arthropoda
  2. Cuticle
    Non living layer secreted by the epidermis
  3. Molting
    Shedding of the cuticle during growth
  4. What is ecdysis?
    A synonym for molting
  5. What are the thin cuticles made of?
  6. What are the thick cuticles made of?
    Chitin & calcium
  7. What is high diversity of arthropods due to?
    High diversity of plants
  8. How many arthropod species for every 1 mammal species?
  9. Arthropod Features (6)
    • Segmentation
    • Exoskeleton
    • Jointed appendages
    • Diverse gas exchange organs
    • Cephalization
    • Complex life cycles
  10. What are the multiple life stages separated by?
  11. Exoskeleton (3)
    • Protective exterior skeleton
    • Made of chitin
    • Molted to allow growth
  12. Three layers of exoskeleton from top to bottom 
    • Epicuticle
    • Procuticle
    • Epidermis
  13. Epitcuticle
    Layers of protein and chitin
  14. What does the insects epicuticle contain and why?
    Contains wax to prevent desiccation (drying out on land)
  15. What does  the procuticle do?
    Secretes the hardening calcium carbonate and pigmentation
  16. What arthropod structures are built from the chitinous cuticle? (4)
    • Wings
    • Tracheal System
    • Membranes for hearing
    • Cuticular lenses
  17. What controls ecdysis?
  18. After being triggered by hormones, what layer produces a new cuticle?
    Epidermal layer
  19. Each segment has a pair of jointed appendages that specialize in what? (4)
    • Locomotion
    • Mouthparts
    • Sensation
    • Ornamentation
  20. Tagmatization
    Fusion & modification of segments that produces specialized body regions
  21. What are some jointed appendages?
    • Antennae
    • Claws
    • Walking legs
    • Paddles
  22. What do jointed appendages allow for?
    Complex movement over the bottom or through water
  23. What are limb segments?
    Hollow levers with internal striated muscles
  24. Appendages are highly specialized for what divisions of labor? (4)
    • Food handling and processing
    • Sensing
    • Walking
    • Swimming
  25. What is used for oxygen transport in terrestrial arthropods?
    Tracheal system
  26. How do aquatic arthropods respire?
    Through various forms of lungs
  27. What kind of circulation system do arthropods have?
    Open system
  28. Green glands
    Paired excretory organs
  29. Malpighian tubules
    In insects for excretory purposes
  30. How does a complex life history help increase diversity and population size of species?
    Decreases competition between the adults and larvae
  31. Marine Crustaceans (6)
    • Shrimps 
    • Crabs
    • Lobsters
    • Copepods
    • Isopods
    • Barnacles
  32. What appendages do crustaceans have?
  33. What appendages do Hexapods have?
    Uniramous (unbranched) appendages
  34. Cirripeds
    Feeding appendages of barnacles that move through the water for suspension feeding
  35. Class Cirripedia
  36. Coconut Crab
    Thick outer shell
  37. Dungeness Crab (2)
    • West coast crab
    • Larval supply determines how much fisheries take each year
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