that's english modulo 5 unit 4-4

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  1. the most popular way of betting or gambling
    la forma mas popular de apostar
  2. mantenerse en forma
    which ways of keeping fit have you tried?
  3. mantiene a la gente unida
    it brings people together
  4. apuesta
    • stake /steɪk/
    • small stakes
  5. en el medio de
    in the middle of the
  6. cobrar vida
    • come alive
    • it really comes alive at 10
  7. se parece
    se combierte
    • it takes on the atmosphere of 
    • it takes on the atmosphere of a nightclub
  8. mucha gente con la que hablar
    lots of people to talk to
  9. no hay otro lugar donde ir si
    there's nowhere to go if you enjoy swimming or diving
  10. te llevara una hora
    tardaras una hora
    it will take you  an hour to get here from central london
  11. si busca un lugar
    if you are looking for a place with real community atmosphere at prices that are much lower than in london.
  12. atender

    • asistir:
    • How many do you expect will attend?
    • ¿Cuánta gente esperas que asista?

    • atender
    • The doctor will attend to you shortly.
    • El doctor le atenderá en un momento.
  13. tramitar las apuestas
    who takes your bets.
  14. no hace mucho tiempo
    Not long ago

    Not long ago the only place you could actually have a bet was on the high street bookmaker
  15. participar
  16. most people take part in some kind of gambling.
  17. ha habido un gran aumento en
  18. “There's been a huge increase in the number of types of bets that are available.”
  19. principalmente

    “I like to bet mainly on horse racing and also on some other sports like football.”
  20. he sido muy afortunado en tener
    • I've been fortunate enough to have several wins of hundreds of thousands of
    • Euros.”

  21. una oportunidad
    it is a chance to meet friends and have some fun.
  22. apuesta
    • stake[steɪk]
    • In casinos the stakes are higher
  23. a que te gusta apostar
    What do you like to bet on?
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