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  1. How does a game of badminton begin (how is the first side serving determined)?
    Toss a coin or spin a racquet.
  2. What are the three choices that the winner has after a toss?
    • serve
    • receive serve
    • court end
  3. What is the basic aim of badminton?
    To win a rally.
  4. How do you win a rally?
    By hitting the bird over the net and onto the floor of the opponent's court.
  5. What are four ways you can lose a rally?
    • if you hit the bird into the net
    • if you hit the bird over the net but out of bounds
    • if the bird touches your clothing
    • if you reach over the net to hit it
  6. Where do you serve to?
    The diagonally opoosite service court.
  7. Where is the first game serve from?
    The right service court.
  8. Where must the racquet head be when the bird is hit?
    Below the racquet hand.
  9. Is it necessary to serve from below the waist?
  10. What must the receiver do until the service is struck?
    Stand still.
  11. What are matches comprised of?
    The best of three games.
  12. What score does each game begin with?
    0-0. (love-all)
  13. How many points wins a game?
    21 points.
  14. What happens if the game score reaches 20-20?
    A side must win the game by 2 points up until 30. (30-29 is a winning score.)
  15. What happens when the serving side wins a rally?
    A point is scored, and the server serves again from the alternative service court. (In doubles receiving partners do not switch sides, only serving partners switch when a point is won.)
  16. What happens when the receiving side wins a rally?
    A point is scored and the receiving side becomes the new serving side.
  17. How does score determine service side?
    A person must serve from the left side when the score is odd. A person must serve from the right side when the score is even. (same for doubles and singles)
  18. What is the basic strategy for all games?
    • Lift the bird as little as possible
    • Maintain the attack by moving to the bird
    • Maintain the attack by hitting down whenever possible
    • Play either right into the body or into gaps
    • Always try to regain your base between shots
    • Play to your opponents' weakness
    • Force and attack the backhand
    • Concentrate to avoid errors
  19. What are the different types of shots?
    • Offensive: Smash, drop, net
    • Defensive: Clear (overhand and underhand)
    • Other: Backhand serve (short and long), Forehand serve (short and long)
  20. What is this?

    The short service line.
  21. What is this?

    The long service line for doubles.
  22. What is this?

    The long service line for singles (and back boundary line for singles and doubles).
  23. What is this?

    The sideline for singles.
  24. What is this?

    The sideline for doubles.

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