Peripheral Nervous System

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  1. What nerve fibers are unmyelinated?
    • sC
    • dC
  2. List the order in which the nerves are blocked during epidural anesthesia?
    • 1. B
    • 2. C
    •    A delta
    • 3. A gamma
    • 4. A beta
    • 5. A alpha
  3. Based on sensitivity alone.. what are the order in which the fibers would be blocked?
    • A alpha
    • A beta
    • A gamma
    • B
    • C

    • Remember.... LSU
    • Large myelinated
    • small myelinated
    • unmyelinated
  4. What are the nervous fibers associated with the somatic nervous system?
    A alpha fibers

    remember -- no post ganglionic here!
  5. Which 2 fibers transmit the sensation of proprioception?
    • A alpha
    • A beta
  6. Which fibers transmit sensations of sharp, prickling pain and temperature?
    A Delta
  7. Which fibers transmit sensations of throbbing pain and temperature?
    dC fibers
  8. which fibers transmit the sensations of temp, pain and touch?
    A delta and C fibers
  9. Which fibers adjust muscle force and length?
    A alpha
  10. Which fibers are postganglionic sympathetic neurons??
    sC fibers
  11. Which fibers are preganglionic sympathetic and parasympathetic neurons?
    B fibers
  12. The sympathetic nervous system is all called...
    the thoracolumbar nervous system
  13. What segments does sympathetic outflow arise from?
  14. The stellate ganglion is formed by ......
    the inferior cervical and first thoracic ganglia
  15. What occurs if you block the stellate ganglion?
    horners syndrome
  16. What are the symptoms of Horner's Syndrome?
    Ipsilateral miosis, ptosis, enophthalmos, flushing, increased skin temp, anhydrosis, nasal congestion
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Peripheral Nervous System
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