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  1. Foul-smelling discharge ("fishy"); clue cells.
    Bacterial vaginosis
  2. Foul smell, erythema; used a new soap
    allergic vaginitis
  3. Dryness, dyspareunia; peri- or postmenopausal.
    Atrophic Vaginitis
  4. Puritic white, curdy discharge; labial itching including thighs, erythema of perineum & thighs.
    Candida vulvovaginitis (albicans)
  5. Constant & dull lower abdominal pain or cramping, cervical motion tenderness.
  6. Difficulty w/ BMs, low back pain.
    uterine prolapse
  7. Sudden, severe lower abdominal pain; lower back pain, pain in shoulder area.
    Ectopic pregnancy
  8. Painful lesions, burning or pain w/ urination.
    genital herpes
  9. Viral infection of the skin; STI in adults but can occur in children as a non-STI.
    Molloscum Contagiosum
  10. Asymptomatic or s/s of PID, Skene/Bartholin gland inflammation, purulent discharge from cervix.
  11. Asymptomatic; maybe some spotting after sex, purulent discharge, cervix MAY be red or friable.
  12. Pain with urination & sex; pain in RUQ.
  13. Unilateral serous or bloody nipple discharge.
    Intraductal papilloma (benign)
  14. Unilateral OR bilateral green or brown sticky nipple discharge
    Duct Ectasia (benign)
  15. Bilateral spontaneous milky discharge.
  16. Crustiness of nipple, areola, and surrounding skin; pruritis of nipple; looks like eczema but does not respond to steroids.
    Paget Disease
  17. Soft painless wartlike lesions on penis.
    Condyloma Acuminata (caused by HPV)
  18. Painful lesions on penis & perineum; burning or pain with urination.
    Genital Herpes
  19. Painless lesions on penis; viral infection
    Molloscum Contagiosum
  20. Acute onset of scrotal pain, n/v; no fever.
    testicular torsion
  21. Acute onset of testicular pain and swelling; fatigue, fever, enlarged, tender testis, edema and red scrotum. (secondary to mumps; unilateral)
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