I&C Concepts

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  1. The degree to which the output of an instrument approaches an accepted standard or true value.
  2. Increases the process signal to a usable magnitude
  3. Senses the parameter being monitored and converts the magnitude of the parameter to a mechanical, electrical, or pneumatic signal.
  4. A range in which the zero value of the measured variable is greater than the lower range value.
    Elevated-zero range
  5. The term used to describe the quantity, the property, or the condition that is measured.
    Measured variable
  6. The region between the limits within which a quantity is measured
  7. A number or quantity that defines the limits that errors will not exceed when the device is used under referenced conditions.
    Reference accuracy
  8. The algebraic difference between the upper and lower range values.
  9. A range in which the zero value of the measured variable is less than the lower range value.
    Suppressed zero range
  10. Converts the output signal of the detector to a signal that can be used easily. (If the detector signal can be used directly, this “conversion” step is not needed.)
  11. Transmits data from one instrument component to another when the components are physically separated.
  12. DESCRIBE the two basic types of measurement
    Physical conditions, chemical properties and the quantity of a substance can be monitored by either direct or indirect measurements
  13. DRAW and LABEL a block diagram of a basic instrument channel
    Image Upload 1
  14. DEFINE the following terms:
    a. Range
    b. Span
    c. Elevated Zero
    d. Suppressed Zero
    e. Accuracy
    • Range is the extremes of the quantity being measured.
    • Span is the difference between the upper and lower ranges.
    • Suppressed Zero is when the range of an instrument is above zero.
    • Elevated Zero is when the range of an instrument is below zero.
    • Accuracy is how close the output is to the true value or accepted standard.
  15. Image Upload 2
    • Range -100 to -20
    • Lower Range Value -100
    • Upper Range Value -20
    • Span 80
  16. Image Upload 3
    Basic Instrument Channel
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