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  1. Charges in writing- by one member against another, or civilian against member.  Who violates R&R's, P&P's, or other orders.
    Sec. 1
  2. Charges will be heard in a hearing by________.
    Fire Chief or if fire chief chooses a Board Of Inquiry
  3. Member rendering charges shall be prepared by producing a ________.
    testimony at the hearing.
  4. At the time of violation, they shall call the attention to the member and notify them that they may be ________.
    Witnesses.  attempt to evade witness duty will be cause for disciplinary action.
  5. Charges shall cite?
    The rule, order or instruction violated.  The date, time and place of the violation.  Whenever possible list the names and  addresses of witnesses.
  6. Charges shall be forwarded to channels to?
    Fire Chief within 24 hours after the violation.
  7. Intermediate officers shall forward charges without?
    expression of opinion, unless they have personal knowledge or are involved.
  8. Notice of hearing may be given by?
    • Telephone to the commanding officers.  Who will promptly transmit notice to member.
    • Whenever it cant be served this way, a detailed report on that fact shall be forwarded through channels to the Fire Chief.
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