Georgia Natural History Exam 2

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    Painted bunting
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    Chuck-will's widow
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    Flatwoods salamander
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    Coral Snake
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    Scarlet snake
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    Hognose snake
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    Eastern Glass Lizard
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    Diamondback rattlesnake
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    Indigo Snake
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    Gopher tortoise
  12. What is a Keystone species?
    disproportionate effect on community than expected by abundance.
  13. What are the three categories of keystone species?
    • predator
    • pollinator
    • agent disturbance (ecosystem engineer)
  14. Who developed the concept of keystone in the 1960's?
    R.T. Paine of the University of Washington
  15. What is the world's largest beaver dam.
    • Wood Buffalo National Park in Aberta, Canada
    • 835 miles
  16. What are some examples of keystone species?
    • Sea otters in Alaska
    • Beavers
    • Bison
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    Chimney swift
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    Barred owl
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    Northern Cardinal
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    Tufted Titmouse
  21. What are cavity nesting birds?
    • 30 species in GA
    • Chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, woodpeckers
    • Require dead trees nest
  22. What is the relationship between altruism and inclusive fitness?
    Altruism & inclusive fitness

    •  Some birds appear “altruistic” (titmice, gulls,
    • jays, et. al.)

    •  Typically manifested  helpers aid raising
    • young

    •  Helpers typically older siblings
    •  Not really altruismshared genes

    represents “inclusive fitness”

     By helping raise siblings, individuals send their gens into next generation
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    Yellow-Romped warbler
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    Red-tailed hawk
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    Yellow-bellied sapsucker
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    Red-bellied woodpecker
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    Ceder waxwing
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    Brown thrasher
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    Eastern towhee
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    Carolina Wren
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