Photography History

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  1. Architecture enabled photographers to...
    • produce images
    • improve media
    • preserve details, perfect perspectives
    • reflect modernity, city growth, ammenities
    • reveal cultural traditions
  2. Uses made of architecture images...
    • city boosters (advertise city growth and progress)
    • politicians (Napolean) bragged about quality of city
    • city planners saw cities as growth of industry and transportation
  3. Les Missions Heliographiques
    French state funded commision; 5 photographers record key French monuments labeled for restoration or contruction
  4. Missions Heliographiques images also revealed...
    • neglect
    • tradition of poverty
    • class problems gone rampant
    • revealed heritage ignored and destroyed
    • stressed celebrations of possessions not the transience "vanitas" of life
  5. Elevation vanishing point focuses on ...
    one, frontal facade
  6. Elevation technique showed _______ buildings in an _______ presentation.
    centered; objective
  7. Directional lighting was used for what purposes when concerning perspective?
    • Depth
    • Texture
    • Separation of facades
  8. Perspective in photographs created what type of illusion?
  9. What were indicators of context for architectural imaging?
    • Trees
    • Vehicles
    • Shrubbery
    • People
  10. People in images provide...
    • Scale
    • Socio-economic strata that later ages miss
    • Symbols
  11. Juxtapose structures ...
    • With other structures.
    • With objects.
    • Make statements through such contrast and comparison.
  12. Image Upload
    Baldus, Façade, Notre-Dame de Paris 1860
  13. Image Upload
    Baldus, Paris, Pont Saint-Denis 1846
  14. Image Upload
    Joohn Plumbe, White House, 1846
  15. Image Upload
    Marville, Ecole des Beaux-Arts 1851
  16. Image Upload
    Rouchebourg, Notre-Dame; Excavations for Police Prefecture, 1864-65
  17. Image Upload
    Anon. Paris, Porte Saint-Denis
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