that`s english modulo 5 unit 4-6

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  1. es justo en el centro de la ciudad
    it's right in the heart of the city
  2. clase de spinning
    spinning class
  3. muy, sumamente
  4. It has extremely modern equipment
  5. area principal
    in the middle of the main space
  6. entrenador personal
    • trained/treɪnd
    • You can have boxing lessons with trained professional boxers while watching yourself on a huge movie screen
  7. cobra vida
    it really comes alive after 10 when it takes on the atmosphere of a nightclub
  8. moderno que esta de moda
    with loud music, a trendy bar and disco lights

  9. halterofilia

    She won't do weightlifting or go cycling, but she'll do keep-fit classes when there's great music and lots of people to talk to!
  10. no muy alejado de
    no muy lejos de
    not too far from the city centre
  11. ?
    It's on four different levels
  12. por encima
  13. techo
    roof /ruːf/
  14. escalar hacia
    climb up toward

    you feel like you're climbing up towards the sky.
  15. que permite sentirte como
    which means that you feel like you're climbing up towards the sky.
  16. lujoso entorno
    surrounding /səˈraʊndɪŋz/= entorno

    This is a gym for people who are adventurous and love extreme sports and luxurious surroundings.
  17. gente corriente
    ordinary people
  18. do
    • boxing
    • exercise
    • extreme sports
    • gymnastics
    • yoga
    • pilates
    • weightlifting
  19. go
    • go diving      bucear
    • go climbing   escalar
    • go cycling     ciclismo
    • go dancing   bailar
    • go swimming nadar
  20. play
    • football 
    • rugby
    • table tennis
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