Lab 3X1

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  1. A, List 2 for B, d.
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    • a) dendrites
    • b) nucleus, nucleolus
    • d) axon hillock
  2. A-D for spinal cord nerve
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    • A) Nucleus
    • B) Nucleolus
    • C) Axon hillock/axon
    • D) Dendrites
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    • A) Myelin sheath of schwann cell
    • B) Axon (nerve fiber)
    • C) perineurium
    • D) neurilemma of schwann cell
  4. What's the arrow pointing at here?
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    sensory neuron cell bodies.
  5. List layers of spinal nerve meningies from the outside inward.
    Dura arachnoid pia
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    • A) Posterior horns
    • b) lateral horns
    • c) anterior horns
    • d) Posterior median sulcus
    • e) central canal
    • f) anterior median fissure
    • g) posterior funiculus
    • h) lateral funiculus 
    • i) anterior funiculus
    • j) dorsal root
    • k) dorsal root ganglion
    • l) anterior root
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    • a) cervical enlargment
    • b) lumbar enlargement
    • c) cornus medullaris
    • d) cauda equina
    • e) filum terminale
  8. where is the white and gray matter in the spinal cord nerves
    white is around the butterfly shape, grey is the butterfly shape.
  9. which vertebrae does the lumbar plexus cover
    21-24. L1-L4
  10. nerve in nech (cervical plexus)
    phrenic nerve
  11. What are the 2 left lines pointing to?Image Upload
    posterior and anterior ramus.
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