Volume 2 UREs

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  1. Which of the following is unit level orientation?
  2. All of the following are covered during work center orientation except
    desk assignment location.
  3. What should an operating instruction contain to support its need and use in a particular
    Reference Source
  4. What series numbers are used for nutritional medicine flight operating instructions?
    41 and 44.
  5. How often must operating instructions be reviewed?
  6. What form is used to document civilian employees’ absence from the nutritional medicine
    AF Form 2581
  7. You schedule meal hours and break periods to
    minimize disruption of work in progress and ensure that food is not prepared too far in advance.
  8. What is one of the best ways to deal with someone who has a work scheduling problem?
    Help the person solve his or her problem
  9. Which of the following is located in the competency folder?
  10. Individual nominations for the nutritional medicine annual award include facts from how
    many areas?
  11. How many nominations can each MAJCOM submit for nutritional medicine annual
  12. What is the correct title of the reporting system used by the Army, Navy, and Air Force to
    categorize medical manpower, cost, and expense information?
    Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System.
  13. If requirements for Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System are to be met, the
    three types of data that must be collected are expense, personnel utilization, and
  14. Which are functions that assist and augment the skills of physicians and dentist in
    diagnosing and treating illnesses?
    Ancillary services
  15. What is the Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System functional subaccount
    code for a “nutrition clinic”?
  16. Who reviews and summarizes information collected and placed on each AF Form 3078,
    Weekly Personnel Time and Salary Distribution Worksheet?
  17. Who should collect and report Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System
    information for the nutritional medicine flight?
  18. What is the primary manpower planning tool for you, as a supervisor?
    Unit Manpower Document
  19. What is the monthly computer product that lists authorized and assigned military manpower
    allocations by fiscal year, quarter, name, and grade of personnel assigned to the nutritional medicine flight?
    Unit personnel management roster.
  20. Which characteristic of menu planning is concerned with sensations of sweet, sour, salty
    and bitter?
  21. When you balance high and low cost food items, what characteristic of menu planning are
    you following?
  22. What is the first factor to consider when planning a menu?
  23. What is the first factor to consider when planning a menu?
    Time available, skills and ability, and workload balance.
  24. What points should you have a good understanding of to accomplish better personnel
    utilization when planning menus?
    Time available, skills and ability, and workload balance.
  25. Under which element of personnel utilization does your experience with food service pay
    Skills and ability.
  26. What is the recommend menu cycle length?
    Three to four weeks
  27. What percentage of entrees should be of quick-serve or short-order nature?
    30 to 50
  28. How many steps are there in the step-by-step menu planning method?
  29. Which point in menu preparation talks about the name of the menu item not being
    descriptive of the work involved?
    Watch for hidden methods of preparation
  30. One of the most important points in menu planning is to plan a menu that
    One of the most important points in menu planning is to plan a menu that
  31. Which performance improvement monitors patient’s food tray temperatures?
    Patient tray food delivery temperatures.
  32. How can you improve the flexibility of your nutrition clinic?
    Get more technicians signed off to perform diet instructions.
  33. Which one of the following is a major inspection?
  34. Which of the following positions are on the nutritional medicine flight performance
    improvement team?
  35. What is a great way to see if something is happening on a regular basis for performance
    improvement purposes?
    Telephone Call
  36. How can you make customer follow-up personal?
    Telephone survey.
  37. Patients are offered follow-up appointments to check their
  38. Who else besides Defense Supply Center–Philadelphia establishes prime vendor contractual
    Department of Veteran Affairs
  39. Who communicates specific subsistence needs to the Defense Supply Center–Philadelphia?
    Nutritional Medicine Flight Personnel
  40. Who may request refresher government purchase card training for cardholders?
  41. Cardholders must verify purchases made to their card once they receive their statements
    within how many days
  42. The method for ordering subsistence from the Defense Supply Center–Philadelphia is
  43. What can you use to get an idea of the current prices of food items you are ordering?
    Local vendor catalogs.
  44. Which are effective to evaluate freshness of fruits and vegetables?
    Color and Texture.
  45. An AF Form 542, Subsistence Stock Record is used on all food items except?
    Direct Delivery Items
  46. What status must earning minus issues not exceed at the end of the first three quarters?
    +- 5 percent
  47. Who will perform a physical count of each unissued food item on the inventory listing?
    Inventory officer
  48. When differences cannot be reconciled, the Medical service accounting office or nutritional
    medicine flight accountant will have to prepare what report?
    Inventory Adjustment.
  49. Who can approve inventory adjustments?
    Food and Drug Administration
  50. When should the size of the change fund be adjusted?
    Number of patrons increase or decrease.
  51. When should the size of the change fund be adjusted?
    AF Form 1087 and AF Form 1339
  52. Which patrons are in the aeromedical evacuation system and do not pay or sign for meals?
    Transient Patient
  53. What form identifies inpatients and ambulatory procedures visit/same day surgery patients
    authorized to dine in the dining facility?
    AF Form 1094
  54. What form is used to report cashier’s discrepancies?
    AF Form 1087
  55. What form is used to record the number of meals served in medical treatment facilities,
    when the Nutrition Management Information System is not being used?
    AF Form 544.
  56. Meat is a good source of what vitamin?
    Vitamin A
  57. Which is a type of muscles found in meat?
  58. Which type of ham is ready-to-eat when you get it?
    Canned-whole ham
  59. What must be done to frozen shrimp before they are cooked?
  60. What are the characteristics of an over easy egg?
    White and yolk are not cooked thoroughly
  61. What is the most desirable of all the vegetables?
  62. Which action helps retain valuable vitamins and minerals in vegetables?
    • Cook the vegetables until just tender and remove them from the water as soon as they are
    • cooked
  63. How many minutes is the steam table “life” of dehydrated vegetables?
    20 to 30
  64. What is the basic preparation problem of fresh fruits?
    Ensuring adequate washing procedures.
  65. When should you pare or cut fruit for cooking?
    immediately before cooking.
  66. Sauces and gravies depend on what element for their quality?
    A good stock
  67. What is the major color base for a sauce or gravy?
  68. Which type of gravy consists of only the natural juices obtained from the meat?
    Au jus
  69. What are the basic methods of making coffee?
    Percolator, drip or urn, and vacuum.
  70. Why is mayonnaise used in fillings and as a moistening agent in the dining facility but not
    in the flight kitchen?
    A dining facility can control the length of time sandwiches are in the danger zone.
  71. Which food items are “ready-to-cook” and “ready-to-eat?”
    Cereal classifications
  72. What are the three categories of seasoning agents?
    Herbs, spices, and condiments.
  73. Which seasoning is a blend of 22 different herbs and spices?
  74. Which is not a condiment?
  75. Which cafeteria design is mostly used in the nutritional medicine flight?
    Straight line
  76. What is the first item on the serving line?
  77. How do you make a scored lemon half-slice garnish?
    Cut thin scored lemon slices in half.
  78. Sauces and gravies are used for all of the following reasons except to
    prevent oxidation
  79. The simplest tray line setup involves
    the diet technician placing food items on the tray according to the diet or menu
  80. In what step of patient tray preparation do you put yourself in your supervisor’s shoes?
    Checking the trays
  81. Under the centralized feeding systems, which one uses the base dining facility to prepare
    food items?
    Stacking insulated trays
  82. What form shows how many servings of therapeutic food items are needed?
    Breakfast and dinner/supper therapeutic worksheet.
  83. How often are therapeutic inflight meals prepared?
    As needed.
  84. Request for therapeutic inflight meals are taken by phone and recorded on what form?
    AF Form 2464
  85. Therapeutic inflight meals also include what items according to the diet?
    Desserts, beverages, and nourishments.
  86. Progressive cooking results in improved use of food, time, and
  87. What can you evaluate to watch for plate waste?
    Popularity of items
  88. What are the three methods you can use to cost a day’s menu?
    Daily issue costing, portion costing, and percentage costing.
  89. What is the most important report in the Nutrition Management Information System for
    costing issues?
    Issue cost summary.
  90. What are the most expensive items on the menu?
  91. To make sure your menu adjustment are not repetitious, check (other than a menu’s
    nutritional adequacy) the
    menu for the day, and the preceding and following day’s menus
  92. What by themselves make using standard recipes a must for successful dietary operations?
    Consistent quality and cost
  93. What makes a menu substitution complicated?
    Time when you find out a substitution has to be made.
  94. What form can you find the specific food items served to patients on nonselect therapeutic
    Therapeutic worksheet.
  95. How much supplemental allowance is added to the patient basic daily food allowance?
    15 percent
  96. Where is the meal cost allowance used to compute the basic daily food allowance obtained?
    Food service officer.
  97. What is the multiply factor when manually calculating the patient basic daily food
    Multiply the MTF BDFA times 1.15
  98. For what meal, if any, does Nutrition Management Information System automatically
    calculate the additional 25 percent for Thanksgiving and Christmas?
  99. What information is found on the daily facility summary report?
    Cost of food purchases and issues, surcharge, and cash collected.
  100. What is the range for the food inventory level at the end of the fiscal year?
    15 to 30 percent
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