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  1. What is multiculturalism?
    Multiculturalism describes the existence, acceptance or promotion of multiple cultural traditions within a ethnic group
  2. What are the 2 types of migrants?
    Emigrants and Imigrants
  3. What is an emigrant?
    Someone who has left a country.
  4. What is an immigrant?
    Someone who has entered a country.
  5. What is rural to urban migration?
    It is when someone moves from a country area with little to offer to a town or city
  6. Where?
    Mexican Border
  7. How many?
    10,000 every week
  8. What is happening?
    Mexicans are crossing the border in hope for a better life with better income and health care etc.
  9. Why?
    They want to live the 'American Dream'
  10. Push factors? (8)
    • 40% of the population is under the poverty line, this is over 3 times more than the USA, which has 12%
    • 5% of Mexico's population is undernourished
    • 88% of Mexico has access to clean drinking water
    • Average hourly wage is $3.49 
    • Unemployment is high in mexico and rising
    • 18% of Mexico lives on less than 60p per day
    • 2 and of 10 people have a car
    • Little government spending on healthcare and education
  11. Pull Factors? (5)
    • Almost 0% undernourishment in USA
    • Average wage in California is $6.75
    • Access to quality healthcare and education
    • 8 out of 10 Americans own a car
    • Less than 1% of the USA lives on less than 60p per day
  12. How?
    Some migrants cross legally but as many as 3 million a year cross illegally.The desert that separates the USA and Mexico can reach unto 46 degrees, many people suffer dehydration.
  13. Effect on USA
    • Local business have benefitted as they now have a source of cheap labour
    • Mexicans are prepared to do many of the jobs that Americans do not want such as fruit picking or factory work
    • Mexicans have brought over their culture and food with them making their food popular in California 
    • Illegal immigrants can easily smuggle guns, dangerous chemicals and epidemics in.
    • The migrants don't demand so much money for work so the employer chooses them because it adds to their profits, this stops the locals from getting jobs
  14. Effect on Mexico
    • There is the environmental perspective too; the rubbish left in the desert destroys ecosystems
    • Adults moving out of the rural communities all over Latin America also causes problems, knowledge about farming and living off the land does not get passed down, this terminates the methods of generations of experience. This makes the people left behind more deprived because they find it hard to sustain them
    • An estimated 30% of Mexico's population are said to rely on money sent from the US. If this continues, illegal immigrants will play a key part in their home country's economy and politics
    • As many of the migrants are young males, it leaves a growing problem of unmarried women being left in Latin America
  15. How does it rain?
    • The ground gets heated from the sun
    • the hot air from the ground rises up and gets colder as it rises
    • the clouds then react to the cold air by producing rain
  16. what does Low Pressure mean in terms of weather?
    Low pressure means rain or storm
  17. what does High Pressure mean in terms of weather?
    High pressure means fine weather, sunny and warm
  18. 3 facts on the Storm of '87?
    • Winds reached 110mph
    • it was equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane
    • 1 billion pounds worth of damage
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