SAT List 13

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  1. amorphous
    vague, without a defined shape
  2. milieu
    a person's social environment
  3. pernicious
    having a subtle, harmful effect
  4. loquacious
  5. piquant
    stimulating or exciting to the mind
  6. permeate
    spread throughout, pervade
  7. garrulous
  8. pejorative
    expressing contempt or disapproval
  9. prosaic
  10. insipid
    lacking vigor or interest, boring
  11. mirthful
  12. epiphany
    a moment of sudden revelation or insight
  13. chimera
    a thing that is wished for but is impossible to achieve
  14. querelous
    complaining in a whining manner
  15. taciturn
    speaking very little
  16. apprise
    to inform or tell
  17. arcane
    understood by few, esoteric
  18. promulgate
    promote or make widely known
  19. histrionic
    over dramatic
  20. quotidian
    ordinary or everyday
  21. epitome
    a perfect example
  22. absolve
    free from blame
  23. fulsome
    complimentary, flatter; abundant
  24. propriety
    conforming to accepted standards of behavior
  25. romantic
    characterized by an idealized view of reality
  26. vanquish
    to defeat thoroughly
  27. heretic
    a person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted
  28. harbinger
    a person or thing that foreshadows
  29. curb
    to restrain or keep in check
  30. collegial
    involving shared responsibility
  31. galvanize
    to shock or excited into action
  32. tendentious
    promoting a point of view, often controversial
  33. urbane
    suave and refined in manner
  34. extemporaneous
    spontaneous, without preparation
  35. onerous
    very burdensome
  36. vernacular
    the language used by ordinary people
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