Repro3- Gonadectomy Mismating

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  1. What is the recommendation for gonadectomy in male cats?
    sterilize prior to puberty or as soon as breeding life is over
  2. What are benefits of OHE before puberty in female cats? (1)
    decreased incidence of mammary neoplasia (almost always metastatic)
  3. With OHE in cats, there is an increased incidence of... (3)
    obesity (decreased metabolic rate...owner must know to decrease food), FLUTD, DM (Burmese)
  4. What is the recommendation for gonadectomy of female cats?
    spay before first estrus
  5. What are the benefits of castration in male dogs? (2)
    decreased incidence of testicular neoplasia, BPH
  6. What are the detriments of castration in male dogs? (5)
    obesity, increased prostatic adencarcinoma/osteosarc/hemangiosarc/CCL rupture
  7. What is the recommendation for gonadectomy of male dogs?
    case-by-case assessment
  8. What are the benefits of spaying female dogs? (2)
    decreased mammary neoplasia and pyometra
  9. What are the detriments of spaying female dogs? (4)
    obesity, increased osteosarc/TCC/hemangiosarc/CCL rupture, urinary incontinence, early spay and juvenile vulvar conformation (chronic/recurrent UTIs) [controversial]
  10. What is the recommendation for gonadectomy of female dogs?
    case-by-case (usually after 4 months of age and before first cycle)
  11. Pharmacological methods to suppress reproduction. (4)
    • progestins- Megestrol acetate (Ovaban), Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (not approved- long acting)
    • Androgens- Mibolerone
    • GnRH agonists- Deslorelin
    • Immuno-contraception
  12. How do progestins suppress reproduction?
    suppress gonadotropin release (no LH surge), thus preventing ovulation
  13. What are the side effects of Megestrol Acetate? (3)
    weight gain, lethargy, mammary development
  14. After you stop Megestrol Acetate, return to estrus in __________.
    4-6 months
  15. Drug that is safe and effective for long-term estrus suppression, but treatment must start 30 days prior to estrus.
    Mibolerone (andorgen)
  16. How do GnRH agonists prevent estrus?
    suppress pituitary function
  17. Giving Deslorelin during estrus causes _____________; giving it during diestrus causes _____________; giving it during anestrus causes ____________.
    ovulation; best results preventing estrus; estrus in ~7 days
  18. What are 3 methods of immuno-contraception?
    anti-GnRH, anti-sperm proteins, and anti-ZP (zona pellucida) vaccines
  19. What method of contraception can be given to males?
    zinc gluconate injection (Neutersol) into testicles, inducing sclerosis and sterility
  20. How should you NOT manage mismating scenarios? What is the downside to this?
    estrogens (impair oocyte transport in oviduct if given after ovulation and before day 2)- Estradiol Cypionate; BM suppression (aplastic anemia-death) is possible, pyometra, cystic endometrial hyperplasia [advised against doing this]
  21. How SHOULD you manage mismating scenarios? (4)
    • PGF injection after day 7 of diestrus (post-ovulation) continued until complete abortion
    • Dopamine agonists (suppress prolactin) after 25-30 days of gestation
    • Dexamethasone after day 35 (but much longer treatment)
    • Progesterone antagonists Mifepristone/Aglepristone [not used in U.S.]
  22. Why should you hospitalize a dog if you are aborting a pregnancy with lutalyse?
    PGF injections 3 times a day for a few days- hyperpnea/salivation/emesis/diarrhea after each injection
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