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  1. Day 1 of creation:
    Night and day
  2. Day 2:
    the sky
  3. Day 3:
    The seas and earth
  4. Day 4:
    Sun and moon
  5. Day 5:
    Fish and birds
  6. Day 6:
    Animals and humans
  7. Day 7:
    Rested, blessed it and made it holy
  8. Define "Stewardship".
    The belief that God wanted us to look after the earth and to be passed down to future generations.
  9. Where is the story of creation found?
    Book of Genesis, Pentateuch, Old Testament
  10. What are the 5 Rs?
    • Respect
    • Reduce
    • Reflect
    • Reuse
    • Recycle
  11. Where and when was Saint Francis born?
    Italy, 1181
  12. What was St Francis' occupation?
    A soldier
  13. What was St Francis' religious order called?
    The Franciscans
  14. When did St Francis pass away?
  15. When was St Francis made a saint?
  16. When did Pope John Paul II give him the name of Patron Saint of ecology?
  17. Why did St Francis get his name as Patron Saint of ecology?
    • He preached to animals
    • He made prayers saying the sun was his brother and the moon was his sister
    • He inspired people to care for each other and nature
  18. Explain the term "conflict".
    When two or more people or groups have different opinions on an issue and find it difficult to resolve.
  19. Why did Luther disagree with the selling of indulgences?
    • Led the poor to think Heaven wasn't for them
    • People started to live unchristian lives
    • People stopped praying and going to pilgrimages as part of their penance
    • Led people to think that money could buy them forgiveness/ a ticket into heaven
  20. What is an indulgence?
    An indulgence was a slip of paper that the Christian Church sold to people as guaranteed forgiveness or a way into Heaven
  21. What was another disagreement Luther had with the catholic church?
    • He only believed in 3 of 7 sacraments; Baptism, Reconciliation and Eucharist.
    • Although he believed in Eucharist, he didn't believe that the bread and wine changed into the body and blood of Christ.
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