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  1. Where? Type of epithelium?
    lung... simple squamous

  2. Where? Type of epithelium?
    scalp....stratified squamas

  3. Where? Type of epithelium?
    Thyroid gland.... cuboidal

  4. Where? Type of epithelium?
    Kidney... cuboidal

  5. Where? Type of epithelium?
    Trachea... Pseudostrat columnar

  6. Where? Type of epithelium?
    jejunum (small intestin)... simple columnar

  7. Where? Type of epithelium?
    Gallbladder... simple columnar

  8. Where? Type of epithelium?
    Ureter... stratified squamous

  9. Where? Type of epithelium?
    Stomach... simple columnar

  10. Where? Type of epithelium?
    Urinary Bladder... stratifide squamous
  11. What is the purpose of cilia in the trachea?
    forms a mucous membrane that lines and protects
  12. areolar tissue
  13. adipose tissue
  14. blood cell type and function?
    • Erythrocytes- Transport O2 and CO2
    • Leukocytes-Defense and immunity¬†
    • Thrombocytes (platelets)- blood clotting
  15. Human blood smear
  16. frog difference is they have nuclear
  17. What is actin and myosin?
    • Actin- filaments that make up movement of cells
    • Myosin- converts chem energy to mechanical
  18. Skeletal muscle
  19. Cardiac muscle
  20. smooth muscle
  21. Neurons and types and functions?
    • Motor- transmit signals to muscle cells
    • Sensory- translate information about external stimuli
    • Interneuron- connect neurons in the brain
  22. labeled neuron
  23. sickle cell anemia
  24. acute lymphoblastic leukemia
  25. Eosinophilia
  26. lung tuberculosis
  27. lung carcinoma
  28. lung with emphysema
  29. tissue with goiter

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lab 3 exams
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lab 3 exams
lab 3 exams
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