Early English Settlement CH. 6

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  1. Definition of settlement
    A small community, started in a new place
  2. Where is the colony of Roanoke?
    it was an island off the coast of North Carolina
  3. Who founded Roanoke?
    John White
  4. Why is Roanoke called the "lost colony"?
    No one knows what happened to it and it no longer stands..
  5. Where was Jamestown built?
  6. What challenges did Jamestown face?
    Jamestown faced hunger, diseases, and bad weather.
  7. What is a democratic government?
    A government that lets the people rule themselves, often through representatives.
  8. Which is more democratic: Virginia or England? Why?
    Virginia was more democratic because they had the House of Burgesses.
  9. Who were the first settlers to arrive in Plymouth and what did they hope to find?
    The Pilgrims. They hoped to find religious freedom.
  10. What is the Mayflower Compact? Who was in between?
    The first governing document of the Plymouth Colony. It was between the pilgrims.
  11. What are the similarities between Jamestown, Plymouth, and Roanoke?
    All settled by Europeans, all spoke English, they were all looking to find something to better their lives.
  12. What are the differences between Jamestown, Plymouth, and Roanoke?
    They settled at different places/locations and during different time periods.
  13. Who was King Phillip?
    King Phillip was the head of the Wampanoags who started the war against the English settlers.
  14. What is an ally?
    One person/nation united with another for a common purpose/reason.
  15. Who was King Phillip's War between?
    The colonists/settlers and the Wampanoags, but other Indian tribes joined in.
  16. What was the result of King Phillip's War?
    New England won against King Phillip
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