Ch 14-15

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  1. What does crossing over affect?
    genes on the same chromosome

    genes on the same chromosome are linked
  2. What might affect whether a crossover event occurs between two genes?
    the distance betwen genes. It is related to recombination frequency.
  3. Linkage
    recombination frequency equivalence
    genes on the same chromosome are in the same linkage group

    the recombination frequency between genes is equal to map units
  4. epistasis
    where certain alleles of one gene mask or cancel the effects of alleles of another gene
  5. additive effects of genes
    results in a variety of phenotypes that create a bell curve
  6. What might cause a defective gene?
    mutations in the catalytic site

    frameshift--> truncated protein

    a variation outside of the coding sequence (such as in the promoter)
  7. epistasis involves?
    • a step by step chemical reaction
    • a gene affects another gene elsewhere

    you can't assume the phenotype of one if you have another gene impacting / acting on the first gene
  8. What is the Gaussian distribution?
    the bell curve
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