Cattle2- Pharmacology

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  1. What is AMDUCA?
    a federal law that allows veterinarians to legally prescribe drugs for use in animals for which there is not an approved label
  2. What are the restrictions placed on extra-label drug use? (6)
    valid VCPR, human health concerns, methods for detection of drug residues not defined, extralabel use of an approved new animal drug by lay person, extralabel use in feed, extralabel use resulting in residue or level above tolerance
  3. In order to utilize extralabel drug use, you must... (3)
    have appropriate medical rationale, scientific info on human food safety of NAD, make sure there is not an approved animal drug before using a human drug
  4. AMDUCA prohibitions: (2)
    an acceptable analytical method has not been established, extralabel use of the drug or class of drugs presents a risk to public health
  5. Drugs prohibited for ELDU in animals:
    chloramphenicol, Clenbuterol, DES, Nitroimidazoles, Furazolidone, Nitrofurazone, Sulfonamides in lactating dairy cows, Fluoroquinolones, Glycopeptides, Phenylbutazone in lactating dairy cows > 20 months, Cephalosporins, drugs approved for treating Influenza A
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