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  1. sembrar
    to plant
  2. regar
    to water
  3. tensar
    to shoot an arrow
  4. procurar
    to try
  5. aprobar (o-ue)
    to pass an exam
  6. superar
    to overcome
  7. arrancar
    to pull, root out, start up (vehicles)
  8. apagar
    to turn off
  9. agregar
    to add
  10. malcriar
    to spoil
  11. regalar
    to give (as a gift)
  12. estornudar
    to sneeze
  13. fregar
    to scrub, wash
  14. solicitar
    to apply
  15. recetar
    to prescribe
  16. criar
    to raise
  17. presenciar
    to witness
  18. acabar
    to finish
  19. tiritar
    to shake
  20. desempe´┐Żar
    to hold, carry out
  21. quebrar
    to break
  22. descargar
    to discharge
  23. empatar
    to tie
  24. chiflar
    to boo, hiss
  25. silbar
    to whistle
  26. vaciar
    to empty
  27. encargar
    to put in charge
  28. bucear
    to snorkel, scuba
  29. pelar
    to peel
  30. obsesionar
    to observe
  31. derramar
    to spill, pour
  32. amenazar
    to threaten
  33. espantar
    to frighten, scare
  34. estar dispuesto
    to be willing to
  35. navegar
    to navigate
  36. planchar
    to iron
  37. probar (o-ue)
    to test, try
  38. auscultar
    to listen with a stethoscope
  39. sudar
    to sweat
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