Epic Theatre

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  1. I. Origins
    heavily influenced by the German Expressionism movement which were then developed into a play
  2. II. Aspirations
    • 1. should appeal to man's ability to reason aside from ability to feel or have empathy
    • 2. the analysis of the society, thought, and environment and conclude a decision based on an observed event
    • 3. seduce the audience to constantly evaluate and analyze
    • 4. theater should be an instrument for social change
  3. III. Structure
    • 1. presented as a familiar story to the audience that has been altered in some obvious manner
    • 2. Verfredung - to make strange, an alienation of the observer toward the observed object or idea
    • 3. Episodic in form where there is a series of loosely connect scenes
    • 4. Scenes often start and end with narrations, gestures, captions or musical interludes that allow the audience to critically reflect on what had just occurred
    • 5. Each scene in the play are intended to be able to stand on its' own, a separate play within the play
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