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  1. When giving respiratory medications, the cardiac and vascular side effects are not important.
  2. A drug may be designated as an orphan is used for disease that effects less than 200,000 persons in the United States or if there is no reasonable expectation of recovering the cost of developement
  3. Drug distribution is the time required for the plasma concentration of the drug to decrease by one half.
  4. The pulmonary circulation is innervated by both parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves.
  5. Both the motor and the sensory branch neurons have synapses outside of the spinal cord before reaching the muscle or sensory receptor site.
  6. The study of drugs including their origin, properties and interactions with living organisms is known as
  7. Drugs may be obtained from which of the following sources?
    Plants, Animals and Minerals
  8. A drug's portal entry into the body is known as the
    route of administration
  9. The main uses of aerosol therapy in respiratory care include the following
    • Humidification of dry gases
    • Improved mobilization and clearance of secretions
    • Delivery of aerosol drugs to the respiratory tract
  10. You are a respiratory therapist in the emergency department; a 67 year old man with chronic bronchitis presents in acute distress. His vital signs include heart rate of 123 beats per minute and respiratory rate of 28 breaths per minute. On auscultation, you note faint expiratory wheezing. Which of the following devices would be appropriate by which deliver an aerosolized drug to this patient?
    MDI without spacer
  11. After delivering an aerosol treatment, you notice that approximately 0.5cc of medication remain in the SVN. Which of the following actions do you take?
    Take no action and deliver the following dose with the same SVN
  12. Which of the following statements is true concerning the recommended volume of the solution when delivering an aerosol treatment SVN?
    • A volume between 3ml and 5ml of solution is recommended
    • Increasing the volume results in a decrease in the concentration of drug remaining in the dead volume when nebulization ceases
  13. Your patient is receiving gentamycin (a high viscosity antibiotic solution) via gas powdered SVN. To compensate for the viscosity of the aerosol solution, you should
    Set the gas flow to 12L/min
  14. In 2008 all MDI were required to be powered by
    Hydrofluoroalkanes (HFA)
  15. Which of the following are problems associated with patient use of the MDI?
    • Failure to coordinate inhalation and acuation of the inhaler
    • A too rapid inspiratory flow rate
    • Failure to shake and mix canister contents
    • Cessation of inspiration as the aerosol strikes the throat
  16. Your patient asks how long to wait between the first and second dose from her albuterol MDI. You suggest...
    Pause 1 to 5 minutes between actuations
  17. The greatest limitation to patient use of DPI is
    Patient ability to provide an inspiratory flow rate of 30 to 90 L/min
  18. The physical mechanisms usually considered the aerosol particle deposition in the human lung include which of the following?
    • Inertial impaction
    • Gravitational setting
    • Diffusion
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