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  1. Battle of coral sea
    • 7-8 may 1942: thanks to the breaking of the Japanese navy code, the U.S. was alerted to a large Japanese force Moving to the coral sea
    • world's first carrier verses carrier battle
    • One Japanese carrier was damaged. The U.S. carrier Lexington was sunk, and the carrier Yorktown was damaged.
  2. Voyage of the great white fleet
    the great white fleet left Hampton roads, Virginia, for a round-the-world cruise to show the flag. The exercise demonstrated the strength of the U.S. navy
  3. Battle of Normandy
    June 6, 1944, invasion of Normandy-the largest amphibious operation in history. The greatest armada ever assembled carried out minesweeping, shore-bombardment, and amphibious operations and transported supplies and troops. Those operations enabled the allies to complete d-day landings successfully and eventually push on to Germany.
  4. Midway
    • 3-5 June 1942: midway was the turning point of the pacific war. The U.S. breaking of the Japanese naval code was again the key element as it had been at Coral Sea a month earlier.
    • U.S. had 3 carriers, the hornet, enterprise, and Yorktown (HEY)
    • 4 Japanese carriers were sunk
    • Japanese planes sank the Yorktown.
  5. Guadalcanal
    13-15 November 1942: The USS Juneau was involved in the battle. Navy policy was to place members of the same family on different ships, but the five Sullivan brothers, from waterloo, Iowa, insisted on staying together. The Juneau was damaged during the battle in a close-range night encounter. As it limped off for repairs, it was torpedoed. The Sullivan’s along with 700 others were lost. Because of this tragedy, navy policy concerning family member separations was reinstated. A ship was later named in their honor.
  6. Battle of Leyte Gulf
    October 23, 1944. The final blow to the Japanese navy came In a last-chance effort to salvage the Philippines. Their plan backfired and the operation was a complete failure. The loss of the Philippines severed their empire, and the homeland was cut off from its main source of supply from the south.
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