the atom

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  1. who discovered cathode rays?
    William Crookes
  2. Who discovered the electron?
    J.J Thomson
  3. Cathode Rays
    are streams of electrons. They travel in straight lines from the cathode to the anode, are deflected by electric and magnetic fields, and have sufficient energy to move a small object such as a paddle wheel
  4. How did Millikan find the size of the charge on the electron?
    • His Oil Drop experiment
    • Allowed the mass of the electron to be calculated using Thompson's e-m ratio
  5. Thomson's Plum Pudding Model
    shows the atom as a sphere of positive charge with electrons embedded in it at random
  6. Discovery of the Nucleus?
    Rutherford's gold foil experiment
  7. Who discovered the neutron?
    James Chadwick
  8. Dalton's Atomic Theory
    • All matter is made up of very small particles called atoms
    • All atoms are indivisible and cannot be broken down into simpler particles
  9. Discovery of the proton
    Rutherford, bombarded light atoms like oxygen which gave off small positively charged particles when bombarded
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Chapter 2 The atom; quick summary of the discoveries regarding the atom
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