Final Exam Social Work Policy

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  1. President Bill Clinton Could best be described as-----
  2. Female-headed households are three times more likely to be in poverty than all other families. In these families, which ethnic groups are affected the MOST?
    African American and Hispanic
  3. What is the largest age group of people living in poverty?
    Under the age of 18
  4. A social worker who headed the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, the Works Progress Administration and was later appointed as Secretary of Commerce in 1938:
    Harry Hopkins
  5. The following New Deal programs are considered to be social INSURANCE programs
    Unemployment Insurance Program and Old Age Insurance Program
  6. Which of the following may be regarded as structural predictors of poverty in the USA?
    Gender, Race, Region, and Age
  7. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA. was a post-Great Depression public assistance program piloted in New York State by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, during his term as governor.  True or False?
  8. Who established the Hull House?
    Jane Addams
  9. The Community Mental Health Centers Act was passed by Congress and signed by which president?
    President John F. Kennedy
  10. According to dual labor market theory, people who earn lower wages, no health or retirement benefits, no paid leave, are at greater risk for poverty and work in the:
    Peripheral Labor Markets
  11. Among children living in two-parent families, immigrant children are almost four times as likely to be poor as native-born children 
    True or False?
  12. Which of the agencies below would be in the Voluntary sector of service delivery?
    Family Service Association of America
  13. An example of a "Residual" conception of Social Welfare is
  14. Which of the following is a definition of public policy found in the literature?
    All of the Above  Not just: An action (or inaction. usually undertaken by government, directed at a particular goal, and legitimized by the commitment of public resources
  15. A Social Development approach to Social Welfare includes consideration of which of the following?
    All of the above
  16. Which of the following statements is FALSE?
    Policy is always funded by the volunteer sector
  17. The Federal Poverty Threshold in 2011 for a single person was:
  18. Four types of conceptions of Social Welfare are:
  19. Privatization of social welfare is:
    The private provision of public services.
  20. Before the year 1601:
    Welfare was the responsibility of the Church
  21. The Social Security Act of 1935 created major new programs to provide child welfare services.  True or False
  22. Benjamin Rush introduced which new approach to mental health treatment in the USA?:
    Eugenics Movement
  23. Which of the following assumptions underline many people's view of public assistance?
    All of the Above
  24. American Social Welfare programs are:
    Provided by private and public sectors
  25. Karger and Stoesz present a four-phase public policy process. Which of the following represents the correct order of the process:
    Formulation, Legislation,Implementation, Evaluation
  26. Legitimizing public policy can be done through:
    Executive orders and all of the above
  27. The poverty line or threshold in the United States is based on which definition of poverty:
    Income Poverty
  28. A reformer of the state mental hospitals, who was influential in facilitating the Community Mental Health Centers Act.
    Robert Felix
  29. According the NIMH: "An estimated _____ percent of Americans ages 18 and older . suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year."  What percentage should be inserted in this sentence?
  30. Largest age group living in Poverty
    Under age 18
  31. The CMHC Act was passed in
  32. Micro Lending Programs grew out of the work of
    Mohammed Yunas
  33. Institutional Programs are the same as
    Entitlement Programs
  34. Titmuss said there were three kinds of welfare:
    Fiscal, Occupational, and Public
  35. Which of the following is TRUE about social welfare?
    Everyone in Society is a welfare recipient
  36. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
    The government's poverty line is adjusted for regional differences
  37. There are some exceptions under which the State may extend TANF assistance for a family. Which of the following are not conditions of exception? :
    The father of the family is not living in the household
  38. In the colonial period the unworthy poor were:
    All of the above
  39. The child welfare policies of the Indian Nation reflect which of the following principles?
    All of the above
  40. Which of the following is not a prominent conservative think tank:
    Brookings Institution
  41. Which of the following programs under the Social Security Act of 1935 were perceived favorably by FDR and the American public, due to the fact that they were self-funding and consisted of earned benefits, rather than welfare payments?
    Social Insurance Programs
  42. Many European nations have extensive, governmental medical insurance programs that cover the whole population. True or False
  43. Medicaid is a residual program. True or False?
  44. Parity in Mental Health involves:
    Equal Insurance Coverage for mental and physical health
  45. Which of the following is NOT a goal of TANF?
    Permanently sustain the family out of poverty
  46. TANF recipients are to be engaged in "work activities"
  47. The Eugenics movement believed
    Could be improved by selective breeding.
  48. The social security act of the roosevelt administration was passed in ?
  49. CMHC's were originally designed to provide the following services:
    all of the above
  50. Federal Poverty Threshold for a family of four in 2011 was
  51. The four "eras" of the New Deal and its important legislation have been described, in chronological order, as:
    Denial, Emergency Reforms, Institutionalized Reform and Stalemate
  52. What is the official definition of poverty in the USA?
    The Census Bureaus Poverty Threshold
  53. The following New Deal programs are considered to be social ASSISTANCE programs:
    ADC, OAA and AB
  54. Federal law limits the amount of time any household can receive TANF assistance to five years (60 months).
  55. Neoconservative policies aim to privatize social welfare.
  56. People who lived in almshouses were:
    considered outcasts from society
  57. An asset based approach to social welfare proposes:
    Individual Development Accounts
  58. The United States child poverty rate is substantially higher than child poverty in other western industrialized countries.
  59. According to the Children's Defense Fund Statistics, a child is born into poverty in Texas every 7 minutes.
  60. There is clear and convincing evidence that privatization usually leads to greater cost-effectiveness
  61. A report of the Surgeon General stated that minority groups are affected by which of the following::
    all of the above
  62. Four types of conceptions of Social Welfare are:
    Neoconservative,Residual, Institutional, Developmental
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