Anthropology 1

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  1. Inca (3)
    • Dominant social, economic, and political force of South America
    • Controlled a huge empire with their huge army
    • Installed their own people into leadership roles to maintain control
  2. Machu Picchu
    Inca settlement that was believed to be a vacation place for royals and their friends
  3. Moche
    Pre-Inca complex society with the pyramid of the sun at the heart of their population center
  4. Caral
    Ancient landscape in South America where lots of pyramids were found
  5. Moche Pyramid of the Sun
    Huge pyramid that had a lot of different markings on the adobe bricks & was built in 8 distinct phases
  6. Moche Pyramid of the Moon
    Smaller pyramid made of adobe brick that accompanies the Pyramid of the Sun
  7. Nazca
    Known for geoglyphs that extended for miles
  8. Geoglyph
    Large-scaled artwork depicting animals on the ground
  9. Gateway of the Sun
    Huge sand depiction of a Tiwanaku god
  10. Ponce Monolith
    Monumental stone statue in Tiwanaku that represented a stone god
  11. Wari
    Society in Peruvian highlands that had walls that extended for miles as well as engineered agriculture
  12. Chimu
    Produced a true empire in northern Peru, with the Urban capitol Chan Chan
  13. Chan Chan
    Capitol of the Chimu civilization
  14. Cuzco
    Incan capital filled with palaces, temples and plazas where the Incan elite lived
  15. Khipu
    Record keeping system of the Inca in which a series of knotted strings were used as mnemonic devices
  16. Split Inheritance
    Practiced by Inca, son of the King inherited throne, but dead king's wealth passed to relatives to support his memorial
  17. Mita system
    Labor required of its citizens was devoted to state projects & amount of work was determined by state projects
  18. Mitmaqkuna
    Inca term for the people of conquered lands who the Inca then separated and disbursed by resettling them, in an effort to prevent rebellion
  19. Maya (3)
    • Mesoamerica
    • Built pyramids, temples, & astronomical observatories
    • Used hieroglyphic writing system, complex mathematical system,& accurate calendars
  20. Llullaillco Maiden
    15 year old girl sacrificed in an Inca mountain shrine
  21. Indian Dark Earth (2)
    • terra preta
    • Made land fertile by mixing charcoal, human waste and other organic matter with soil
  22. Temple of Inscriptions
    Tomb made to legitimize Mayan ruler Pacal's kingship; housed a detailed king list
  23. Tikal
    Urban center in Guatemala that had an impressive temple and went to war with other cities
  24. Pacal/ Lord Shield
    Ruler of Maya state that had built the Temple of Inscriptions
  25. Teotihuacan (2)
    • Mesoamerica
    • Largest city built & was the dominant political/military force in central Mexico
  26. Palenque
    Great Mayan city that was ruled by Pacal
  27. Monte Alban
    City built by the Zapotecs that became the dominant social and political force in southern Mexico
  28. Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Sun
    Bigger than the pyramid of the moon, and it contains an emormous volume of material
  29. Teotihucan Pyramid of the Moon
    Enormous pyramid with a powerful symbol at the top that was visible from every point within the city
  30. Avenue of the Dead
    Broad roadbed in Teotihuacan that passes through the center of the city and up the summit to the Pyramid of the Moon
  31. Talud/ tablero
    Characteristic form of alternating steps; used to build the monuments in Teotihuacan
  32. Zapotecs
    Mesoamerican group responsible for the ancient city of Monte Alban
  33. Chinampas
    Intensely farmed artificial islands in lakes and swamps produced by the Aztecs in central mexico
  34. Tenochtitlan
    Aztec capitol where a large number of human sacrifices took place
  35. Codices
    • Screenfold books of the Maya. 
    • Written in hieroglyphics & destroyed by the Spanish
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