Anthropology 2

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  1. Stelae
    Columns in which images or written messages have been inscribed by the Mayans
  2. Sinagua
    • "without water"
    • Prehistoric culture characterized by impressive, multistory pueblos
  3. Cahokia
    Large Mississippian culture located on rich farmlands
  4. Affluent foragers
    Wild food resource base in some areas is so rich and abundant, complexity may develop without the development of food production
  5. Adena (2)
    • Burial mound-building culture in the Ohio River Valley
    • Developed at chiefdom level of sociopolitical integration
  6. Mound 72
    Burial mound at Cahokia that housed elites and sacrifices
  7. Mogollon
    • Prehistoric culture located in teh American Southwest
    • Grew maize, beans, and squash & relied on rainfall
  8. Chiefdom
    Socio-political integration more complex than the tribe but less so than the state
  9. Hopewell (2)
    • Burial mound building culture
    • Built impressive tombs for their chiefs
  10. Middle Woodland (2)
    • 2200-1600 years ago
    • Time period in ancient North America
  11. Hohokam
    • Southwest America in Arizona
    • Constructed irrigation canals to water the fields in which they grew maize, beans, squash
  12. Anasazi
    People named by the Navajo that built the ancient cliff dwellings and freestanding pueblos in the american four courners
  13. Mississippian
    People responsible for the Temple Mounds
  14. Early Woodland (2)
    • 3000-2200 years ago
    • Time period in eastern North America
  15. Potlatch
    Celebrations held by chiefs among the native people of the northwest coast of North Americain which their wealth is distributed among the group
  16. Ancestral Puebloan
    • Centered in the four corners
    • Constructed large and impressive structures that housed the population of the village
  17. Kiva
    Enclosed ritual space where the community met to observe important rituals
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