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  1. Chapter: 7 White/European American
    • Describes white as person having European origin or who is from the middle East, North African, including those who state their as white or report themselves to be irsh,German,Italian,Lebanese, near eastern,Arabia,Polish
    • Population
    • ●German 18%
    • ● Irish 15%
    • ● Italian 9%
    • 60% u.s population(nearly 200 million people)
    • Education
    • White 30% have a least a Bachelor's degree
    • White/European American history
    • ●Estimate suggest that 2,100 Italians were intered
    • ●Between 10,00 and 14,00 Italian, German were arrested for being enemy aliens.
    • ●New York City , San Francisco, Washington DC and other major cities, which many Italian, resided, mandatory, curfew were imposed and aliens passport.
    • ●1942 Italian were removed from aliens classifieds and allowed to prohibited zone.
  2. Chapter:8 American Indian/Alaskan & Multiracial Group
    • 4.9 million people of American Indian and Alaska decent comprise 1.6& of the U.S populations
    • 12% of the American Indian and Alaska population lives on reservations or most lands
    • 1830, The Indian removal Act, passed under President Andrew Jackson,authorized the expulsion of 14,000 Indian from lands in the southeastern portion of the country to Arkansas and Oklahoma .
    • The U.S census did not count American Indian until 1860, and then only if they were not living on reservations.
    • In 1890, the first complete cenus count officially records 248,00 American Indians.
    • 1924, Indian citizens Act gave to indian born in the United States.
    • 1953, laws were passed to terminate Indiana tribes, causing than 100 tribes to cease to be recognized
    • 562, federally recognized as Americans Indian.
    • Multiracial Group
    • 2010, 9 million people reported have a multiracial heritage.
    • Amerasian: a born of Amerasian servicemen and asian women, in particular Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean.
    • Passing: usually refers to light-skinned black other of color pretending to be and being received as white.
    • The Vietnamese Amerasian homecoming act of 1987 formalized attempt to bring many Amerasian and their families to the United states.
    • Healt Insurance
    • Poverty
    • All 13.2%
    • Whiteout health
    • 15.4%
  3. chapter:9
    • Gender: Refer to perceptions of how men and women how boys and girls should behave.
    • Population of females and males represents about 51& &49% (more than 300 millions people in United States.
    • High school sex segregation
    • Female
    • All races 42.5%
    • White 44.7%
    • Black 21.00%
    • 70% sex segregation
    • -professional specialty, service workers, executive, administrative, manger position.
    • 92% registered nurse are female.
    • 82% elementary & middle school teacher.
    • 16% of its sexual harassment charges
    • are filled by men, most of whom report begin targeted by other men.
    • 50% women live in poverty America women are more likely than to men live in poverty.
    • Sticky floors: when women are clustered in staff roles or in low level management or below, rather than approaching the glass.
    • Glass escalator: the rapid advancement of men working in female dominated occupation into Mangement particularly white men.
    • 16% of its sexual harassment charges are filled by men,most of whom report begin targeted by other men.
    • Legislation
    • Equal Pay of 1963:
    • Require women and man to be paid equal
    • Tittle Vill of Civil right Act of 1964
    • Basic of race,color,religion,sex.
    • prohibited discrimination against women in employment including,hiring,firing,prohibited ,promotion and other matters.
    • The family and medical leave act of 1993
    • while allowing women and men to take time off for family needs and to be assured of job  afterward.
    • relevant family  to sex and gender at work because family responsible affect working women with children and men less than women without children and men who wish  to participate in family care are often perceived as violating their gender roles  and experience negative organization as a result.
    • poverty
    • women earn about 66%
    • women likely in poverty 50%
    • single parenting 50%
    • single mothers  54&
    • chapter 10: work & family
    • family Leave Act of 1993
    • to working women who are complete or partially responsible for supporting their families.
    • offers protective  to women who may experience disparate treatment because of misconception about their roles(and or as mother) and to men as well  who may also experience gender discrimination  as father  or sons in caring  for elderly parents.
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