Bio 130 Ch 16

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  1. THis is the true breeding parents
    P generation
  2. Offspring of P cross. Monohybrids
    F1 generation
  3. F1 self-fertilizes. Recessive trait reappears
    F2 generation
  4. What are Mendel's three important ideas?
    Traits are dominant and recessive, Genes and alleles, and segregation of alleles.
  5. A gene has two variant forms called?
  6. The genetic composition of an individual
  7. Physical or behavioral characteristics that are the results of gene expression.
  8. What would you call TT?
    homozygous dominant
  9. what would you call tt?
    homozygous recessive
  10. What would you call Tt?
  11. What kind of genes have variants found together?
    Linked genes
  12. This can be explained by the pairing and segregation of homologous chromosomes during meiosis.
    Mendel's Law of Segregation
  13. The physical location of a gene on a chromosome.
  14. Random alignment of chromosome pairs during meiosis I leads to the independent assortment of genes found on different chromosomes
    The Law of Inderpendent Assortment
  15. Give an example of a recessive genetic disease.
    Cystic Fibrosis
  16. Give and example of a dominant genetic disease.
    Hutington disease
  17. Most sex linked diseases are found on what chomosome?
  18. Males are what for x-linkedd diseases?
  19. This kind of dominance has multiple allesl- three or more variants in a population. Phenotype depends in which two alleles are inherited.
    Incomplete dominance
  20. This provides the plan to create a phenotype.
  21. This proves nutrients and energy to carry out the plan for genotype.
  22. effects of environmental variatio on a phenotype.
    Norm of reaction
  23. Deviation between observed and expected outcome.
    Random sampling error
  24. Probability that two or more independent events will occur is equal to the product of their?
    individual probabilities
  25. Probability that one of two or more mutually exclusive outcomes will occur is the sum of the probabilities of the possible outcomes.
    Sum Rule
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