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  1. Pyramids & Mounds
    (Meso-, So,No)
    • Pyramids at Teotihuacan in Mesoamerica used talud to build their pyramids
    • No. American mounds at Cahokia were made completely of rich dirt.¬†
    • So. America- Moche built pyramid in 8 stages
  2. Royal Moche Tomb @ Sipan (4)
    • Opulent Royal Burial
    • Warrior Priests were buried there
    • Accompanied by grave goods, his dog, men, women and a child
    • All in the tomb would accompany him in his next life
  3. Inca Method of Maintaining Empire (4)
    • Mita System
    • Kings owned all land & property
    • Allowed people to use land in return for labor service in upcoming communal projects
    • Relocated prisoners of war to specific places to prevent rebellions
  4. Tainter's Causes (8)
    • Resource depletion
    • New Resources (decentralizes the social hierarchy)
    • Catastrophes (earthquakes, volcanoes)
    • Insufficient response to circumstances (stuck in their old ways)
    • Other Complex societies (Competition)
    • Intruders¬†
    • Mismanagement (Rich don't share)
    • Economic explanations (civilizations become too expensive)
  5. Maya Settlement Tiers (3)
    • Epicenter- Pyramids & palaces; residences of the highest; tombs of previous rulers; centers of political & ritual activities
    • Business District- Neighborhoods of Maya nobility & craft specialists
    • Hinterlands- household compounds of the farmers
  6. Hieroglyphic Stairway @ Dos Pilas (5)
    • War between Tikal & Calakmul
    • Tikal put his brother in charge to keep power and avoid conflict w/ Calakmul
    • 20 yrs later Calakmul attacked & took over the military
    • Tikal's brother was allowed to live if he fought with Calakmul against Tikal
    • Calakmul defeated Tikal and his brother became the new ruler
  7. Maya Calendar(4)
    • Did not predict the end of the world
    • Expressed passage of time in cycles
    • Maya had months & years that were longer than ours
    • Each cycle was based on multiples of 20
  8. Maya Hieroglyphics (3)
    • Written on stelae, bark paper books, & monuments
    • Disappeared b/c the Spanish had all the books
    • Hypothesis- the code was cracked b/c if you put 2 together than they made a word (syllables)
  9. Maya Collapse (4)
    • Collapse is when cities are abandoned or have a decrease in population as well as stop in monumental construction
    • Drought
    • Tropical area meant that soil was nutrient depleted b/c the nutrients was stored in the trees-> slash & burn caused soil erosion
    • Built more temples for rituals rather than reaching out for help
  10. Why are the "Anasazi" now referred to as "Ancestral Puebloan"?
    • The word Anasazi means "ancient enemies" in the language of the Navajo
    • For most people, they are named by a group that they had conflicts with.
  11. Ozette site (3)
    • Mudslide that preserved houses and the wooden artifacts inside of their houses
    • Prerequisite to any development is ability to produce a food surplus
    • NW coast is naturally productive so social stratification, wealth differentiation, & political inequality can develop
  12. Myth of the moundbuilders (3)
    • People didn't want to believe that the people who achieved the impressive mounds were the same Native Americans that the Europeans whose descendants they were displacing
    • Studies were held to prove that a "vanished race" had built the mounds
    • It proved to be untrue and eventually the cultural achievements of the Native Americans was memorialized
  13. Relationships between astronomy & agriculture (2)
    • Keeping track of the sun & moon allowed for the making of calendars which in turn helped determine the seasons
    • Sun Dagger site- the Choacan people commemorated the solar& lunar cycles in light patterns cast be rock slabs onto spiral rock carvings
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