Direct Object Pronouns

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  1. A direct object receives te action of a verb directly and answers the question what? or whom?
    Direct object pronouns replace the direct object nouns
  2. Singular
    • mi  me
    • ti    you
    • La   you (form)
    • lo    him/it (m)
    • la    her/it (f)
  3. Plural
    • ci   us
    • vi   you

    • li    them (m)
    • le   them (f)
  4. Place the D.O.P. immediately before a conjugated verb.
    • Non ti vedo mai al mercato
    • I never see you at the market.
  5. Ecco le vongole! Hai voglia di mangiarle?
    Here are the clams! Do you feels like eating them?
  6. Passato Prossimo - place the d.o.p. directly before the conjugated avere. Do not use with essere
    • Vi abbiamo chiamato molte volte. Non ci avete sentito?
    • We called you many times. Didn't you hear us?
  7. Lo and La can be shortened to L' when
    Before verbs beginning with a vowel or avere forms that begin with H.
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