Collapse & abandonment

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    • Collapse & abandonment seen in all societies throughout history
    • Collapse is when major cities have a decrease in population/ appear to be abandoned
    • Shows a halt/decrease in monumental construction
  2. P2
    • Ancestral Puebloans
    •    Relied on Maize-decrease in rainfall 
    • Moche Site-
    •    Abandonment of Huaca del Sol correlated to drying up of their primary irrigation channels
  3. P3
    • Maya "downfall"
    • Conflicting reasons as to how Mayans fell
    • Due to drought, similarly to Moche and Ancestral Puebloans
    • Subtropical Area
    •    Nutrient depleted soil, nutrients are stored in the trees
    •     Response: Practiced slash & burn-resulted in soil erosion
  4. P4
    • Many different responses to changes in environment
    • Some societies can't or refuse to come up with solutions to internal/external challenges
    • Moche responded by abandoning the site and moving inland near rivers
    • Maya had different plans
    •   Intensified ritual behaviors
    •        More temple built
    •        Rather than turning to others for help, they fell because energy was diverted away from a helpful response
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