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  1. What is Defensible Space Criteria
    • 30' from any structure (defensible space)
    • 30'-100' from structure (reduced fuel zone)
    • 10' from stove pipe/chimney/roof top
  2. If a citizen complains of neighbors clearance, how would you direct their question
    • Establish location of property
    • Give numbers or locations where the complaint can be heard and options given
    • If in first due, perform a LE100 inspection on the property
  3. Can a citizen make a complaint at a fire station?
    • Yes, preferred way. 
    • The company may be able to mitigate the issue at the lowest level
  4. What is a LE-100 Inspection
    Consists of meeting with property owner and discussing where their property lacks in defensible space and give information on making it better
  5. If you arrive as a new FC at a house and there are ongoing personnel issues what would you do
    • Provide my expectations
    • Review the Code of Conduct
    • Discuss the problem(s)
    • Develop a plan to correct them
    • Supervise and motivate
    • Be available
  6. A good leader new to a house will?
    • Lead by example
    • Motivate
    • Abide by code of conduct, SOP's, policy and procedures
  7. If 1 of 2 officers in charge are creating a hostile work environment, what steps should be taken?
    • Is it known by the questioned party
    • Is it an EEO issue (hostile work environment)
    • Discuss the issues/develop a plan/implement plan
  8. What is EEOC
    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  9. How many Protected Classes fall under the laws of EEO
  10. Does a hostile work environment only affect the pursuer and the targeted?
    No, if someone is targeted everyone else in the workplace will feel the intimidation and hostility.  Most people hearing and seeing it will also be affected.
  11. Options to handle a Hostile Work Environment?
    • File a claim with EEOC
    • Confront the person and try to handle at lowest level
    • Notify supervisor
    • Watch for signs of retaliation
  12. Are there options to get assistance within our 21 units?
    Yes.  Each unit has selected and trained personnel that can provide assistance and confidentiality throughout the process
  13. How can you find contact information on EEO councilors throughout the department?
  14. One word to ensure personnel problems and possible EEO issues are being dealt with?
  15. Who has overall responsibility of CDC Crews Supervision Levels
    Division Chief/Camp Commander
  16. How many supervision levels exist within the CDC Crews?
    • 3 levels
    • Level 1 - Remote areas (lowest)
    • Level 2 - Close proximity to public access areas (moderate)
    • Level 3 - Located in immediate proximity to private residents or other buildings as well as private citizens (highest)
  17. What is a FC 32
    Program Project Request and Record
  18. When is a FC 32 needed?
    Every project the CDC crews are tasked with
  19. What does a FC 32 form discuss?
    • Supervision level 1-3
    • Special custody concerns or restrictions
  20. Can the supervision level be increased or decreased based on job once started?
    • Yes.  Once started if concerns arise it can be increased.
    • Once increased it cannot be decreased without approval from the camp commander.
  21. Level 1 Supervision Definition
    Crews can be spread over an area with supervision check no less than every 30 min
  22. Level 2 Supervision Definition
    Crew will be grouped together where sight supervision of all inmates take place most of the time
  23. Level 3 Supervision Definition
    Crew will be grouped enough that FC has constant sight supervision of the whole crew and their movements at all times
  24. If level 3 is in place and the area exceeds the level, can the crew be modified to fit the task?
    • Yes.  If its over the level available additional qualified CDCR/FC can be requested with approval.
    • If denied it will be modified by approval to fit the task.
    • Lastly the project can be discontinued by the camp commander.
  25. What are the 3 Pay Documents needed for Local Government Equipment on a State Fire
    • FC42 - Pay Document for Employee
    • CAL FIRE 61 - Payment for Equipment
    • CAL FIRE 297 - Vendor Shift Ticket
  26. When are Pay Docs Required?
    All 3 documents will be required when the employee/equipment or both are at scene for 2 hours and beyond
  27. Items important on a FC43 Employee Pay Doc?
    Name/address/#/home unit ID/date/time/total hours worked/incident name and #/working title/request # and 3 signatures.  Timekeeper/Employee/Government Rep
  28. Items important on a CAL FIRE 61 Payment for Equipment?
    Contractor name/address/#/administrative name address/#/vendor #/billing code/date/time/hours worked/no damage no claim initial/released or withdrawn from incident/incident name # request #/state purpose/ and signatures of contractor/government rep
  29. Items important on a CAL FIRE 297 Vendor Shift Ticket?
    Vendor name/#/agreement #/incident #/request #/license #/serial #/make/model/incident name/no damage/no claim/operator(s) name/evaluation/signature of vendor and government rep
  30. Where do Pay Documents go when completed?
    Hired Equipment Coordinator (HEC)
  31. Who is overall responsible for inmates custody, health, and welfare?
  32. Number 1 priority before, responding, and during initial attack?
    Firefighter Safety
  33. When does the size up process begin?
    Prior to the incident.  Usually as soon as you awake on that specific day
  34. Items discussed prior to arrival of incident?
    • Wind - Topography - Fuels
    • Time of year and day
    • Read smoke (VVDC)
    • Discuss and express SAFETY
  35. Arriving at scene responsibilities?
    • Approach safely, look up/down/around
    • Watch for people leaving the scene get description, plate number.  (suspicious person or possible witness)
    • ROC - who/where/what/needs/special hazards
  36. All firefighting tactics should involve mental life safety components, which are committed to ALL wildland fire personnel's memory?
    • 10 Standard Orders
    • 18 Watch Out Situations
    • LCES
    • Common Denominators
  37. What is an operational period?
    Time of fire to 0800 the following day
  38. What is the Management Cycle?
    • P-O-S-D-C-E
    • Plan
    • Objective
    • Staff
    • Direct
    • Control
    • Evaluate
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