Visual Risk Assessments & 26(9)

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  1. Visual risk assessment where no interruption of the gas supply has occurred.
    • Location
    • Flueing
    • Ventilation
    • Signs of distress
    • secure and stable
  2. Visual risk assessment  following temporary interruption of the gas supply.
    • Location
    • Flueing
    • Ventilation
    • Signs of distress
    • Secure and stable
    • Flame picture
  3. 26(9)
    • Effectiveness of flue
    • Supply of combustion air
    • Operating Pressure / Heat Input or Both
    • Safe operation & controls
  4. When should 26(9) be carried out
    Where any work has been performed on a gas appliance.
  5. Purging and 26(9)
    The purging of air does not require 26(9) checks to be carried out.
  6. Location
    Is the gas appliance installed in a suitable room and/or space with regards to the GSIUR
  7. Flueing
    If the gas appliance is flued, is there provision for adequate methods for the removal of the products of combustion to atmosphere?
  8. Ventilation
    Where appropriate, is there provision for the supply of adequate ventilation for the appliance to operate safely?
  9. Signs of distress
    Are there any signs of distress on the gas appliance and or surrounding area (eg check for signs of discolouration and heat damage such as scorching or finished surfaces becoming detached from worktops etc)
  10. Stable and secure
    Is the appliance installation both stable and secure?
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Visual Risk Assessments & 26(9)
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